Thursday, August 20, 2009

MadTv at Glendale College!!!

Saw this on TV today and guess what...IT'S MY OLD COLLEGE!!!!! This is Glendale Community College, CA where I spent my first years of education in America!!! This is the place where most of my favorite memories were created hahaha...sounds so sad but it's true...Love it!!! Love MadTv and the character Lorraine favorite is Lorraine, and then there is Stuart and his mom (Lorraine and Stuart's mom are played by the same actress btw)...Watch this clip, it's hilarious..Just the title is funny..Lorraine visits Florida University, F.U, hahahaha.... Oh and before I forget, the officer who plays along is a really cool dude...don't wanna give up his name (DUUHH), but S. has a great sense of humor, something that cannot be said about most officers (especially in Glendale haha, oops)...anyways, enjoy darlings

I hope you will laugh as hard as I did :)

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