Thursday, August 13, 2009

Coping with life

Today I am meeting old friends and it's going to be interesting. I just can't stop thinking about the fact that S. is leaving for LA and I am still going to stay here...I thought I was fine with the knowledge of staying here for a year, working, but realizing I am not finding a job as easily as I thought makes things so much harder. I assumed when I left LA I was returning within a couple of weeks, but after staying longer than that I started getting adjusted again in Sweden and I felt that staying would not be too bad. Now that S. is leaving it dawned on me, I really don't want to stay here any longer. I love my family and it has been easy not to worry about anything but finding a job and satisfying the parents every day, but I am not happy one bit. My life is in LA and not being able to live it hurts more than I thought...I just have to stay strong and search for a job harder and be more persistent than ever. In order to make it in life, giving up is not an option!
Oh wow, I didn't think I was going to get this emotional hahaha...anyways, meeting my High School friends will be interesting, a lot to catch up on and perhaps new memories will be created in time. All I can do is wait for the hard, cold winter to arrive and start applying for schools as well as looking around for scholarships or other means of financial aid to put me through school.
I have my work cut out for me hahaha...Until later lovelies


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  1. Don't give up, something will come along...there are lots of people struggling right now (me and my boyfriend included), but I have faith in the future. One day you'll be back in LA!