Monday, August 3, 2009

bbq, dresses and work

Nala loves to sit up there when we are in the car waiting for someone..this was a rainy day with us waiting for my parents to do the grocery shopping. There was one day when I was sitting outside waiting for my dad and an old lady passed me. She looked at Nala and said "I am so happy to see that you do not leave her outside all by herself. It is like people ask to have their dogs stolen" and she walks away. I agree with her, I really don't like it when I see dogs outside the supermarket. They look so sad and lot of kids approach the dogs carelessly. Once I saw 4 dogs together and they were shook up by all the kids and noise. The owner came out and yelled at the dogs for making so much noice..But I mean don't blame the dogs, blame yourself..The dogs will be happier at home, away from all the crazy people!!

After a long vacation my dad went back to work and my brother is on his way back from Greece tomorrow. The whole time my dad was on his vacation it was raining and on the first day of going back to work it is very sunny and warm haha...Yesterday we went over to my aunts house and enjoyed a LOVELY barbeque...It was soo good and most of us stuffed our faces until we could not move an inch but for some reason, for the first time in a long time, I stopped eating at the time when I was full but could continue eating...they say that is the point of when you are supposed to stop eating but I did not want to stop eating the wonderful food. I was not the only one feeling like this haha my aunts husband was the man was doing all the bbqing and he was pissed because he got full after one portion...He filled up on the smell hahaha...The reason we went over for yummy bbq was to welcome them back home from Lebanon. They showed us pictures from their vacation and it looked beautiful. Some time in the future I will have to visit Lebanon and Syria, and re-visit Turkey so I can see the where my parents grew up... This is a statue of Virgin Mary (Harissa) that my aunt and family visited. This statue is said to have turned when her village was shot at in order to take all the bullets and thus protected her entire village..Fascinating I must say.
(When I went looking for dresses I didn't found any but I found this ring hahaha...very pretty and colorful...I don't know if you can see the mole on my ring finger but that is one of my favorites haha...I always say it is there to show my future fiance where to place the diamond hahaha..If I want to get married that is lool)
I have been looking for dresses to wear because there is an engagement party this Friday. I tried on a couple of my cousins dresses and they fit like a glove hahaha. Funny thing was one of dresses fit my cousin, my sister and me. We all have different body types but it looked great on all of us, it was like the Sisterhood of the Traveling Dress (yes S. I stole your line but to be fair we did say it at the same time so maybe you stole my line huummmm)..I ended up borrowing a golden dress..It is HEAVY!!!! It is gorgeous but when I tried it on I had to keep sucking in my stomach because it was a "tad" tight over my belly...I have to stop eating homemade cinnamon buns!! Now I need shoes and purse....Wedding is a multimillion industry darn it haha and we are the guilty ones...
Now my mom is on my case about finding a job and not staying at home but I can say it is easier said than done. I can get a job as a receptionist at a hair salon but after getting a degree I don't want to spend days sitting booking appointments for hair cuts...I know we have to start somewhere but honestly I would rather keep looking than get desperate and settle for anything...Ugh, life is back! Oh well, I guess she wants to discuss this because she can see I am typing yet she is keeping asking one question after the other and telling me to focus on her and not my computer. This means goodbye for now...Until later darlings


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