Wednesday, August 5, 2009

News, shopping, and work

After two days of walking all over downtown all I have done has been window-shopping. I see thing but nothing that is worth buying..I wonder why that is. I found dresses and shoes but they were the wrong size unfortunately. My shoe size is EU 37/38 but lately none of the 38 fit me, they are too big. I find this very interesting. Have shoe companies started making shoes bigger than what they claim so the consumer will feel as though they don't have as big feet as they actually do? Humm this needs an investigation I believe. I don't buy my sister's theory; my feet have shrunk....As much as I would love for that to be true but we all know it cannot be...As I was eating dinner a butterfly flew in through the window and landed on the curtain. It was a really beatiful one, black and red. I have heard that if you see a white butterfly it brings you GOOD news but if you see a butterfly it brings you news, good or bad...let us hope for good.
(Kind of similar to the one that visited us in the kitchen)

Yesterday I called a lawyer in San Fransisco and again he said; "I wish I could help you but you need to have worked as a paralegal or finished law school for me to be able to hire you." I mean come on already!!! You want me to gain experience yet no one wants to hire me or allow me to intern at their company. Another firm said that they needed me to have 180 hours of experience in some sort of legal office. Ok, how am I going to get that when they all want me to have experience? To gain experience, you need one wants to grant me an intership...I am grateful for my friends that are trying to ask people they know if they can help me out and hire me...I AM A HARD WORKER I SWEAR!!!!!!!!!!

S. is calling so until later darlings


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