Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I love this commercial and now there is a follow up commercial.....check it out...makes me laugh in these these times I mean the times I am sick...feels soo bad...enjoy..aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh

until later darlings


Saturday, August 22, 2009

Coldplay in the air

Coldplay are playing at the stadium (Stadion) next to my house. The music echoes all over the neighborhood and the sound of cheering people overwhelms the stillness in the air. As I walk Nala I see leaves falling all around me and I wonder how fall could have come so early. I take a closer look and see the ground filled with colored paper butterflies, I look up and see the smooth swirl of more butterflies amongst the trees and is all beautiful. I reluctantly head home only to say good night to a grand finale, fireworks and spotlights lighting up the sky...hello calm night, good night shouting people, good night sweet music, good night coldplay, good night beloved readers..until later


Friday, August 21, 2009

sick sick sick

Today is Friday, which means; cleaning day!!! yeay!!! NOT!! When cleaning day arrives every week my mother sharpens her claws and teeth and if you get in her way there is NO MERCY!!! I woke up to the sound of my mother speaking on the phone as well as changing my sister's bed sheets. I simply closed my eyes and assumed fetal position...She left the room and I could exhale hahaha...As my mother has been cleaning, my father left our VINTAGE car at the mechanics to fix the tire and did the grocery shopping, I got up and cut Nala's claws (which takes forever!!!) and took a shower. My sister went to school early and my brother went to work, and my parents finished many chores while I was doing NOTHING!!!! I feel so useful haha..
Last night when my dad came home from work I started feeling dizzy, stuffy, and a sore throat. I tried to stay up and fix some things he told me to finish before going to bed but the fear of collapsing took over..I left everything as is and went straight to bed. As I lay in bed, trying not to feel as if I had been drinking all day long, all my fears rushed through my head. I don't know how I finally collapsed in bed but thank God I did...I woke up feeling nauseous and dizzy. I tried to suppress it and tell myself I was fine, nothing is wrong. After a while the feeling disappeared so now all I have is a sore throat...Now Nala came to the kitchen, where I am sitting, frantically licking her mouth. This means she is about to throw up...Poor thing, I feel so sorry for her..she is knocked out in her bed! Well, I need to tend to her and make sure she won't throw up again..until later darlings


Thursday, August 20, 2009

MadTv at Glendale College!!!

Saw this on TV today and guess what...IT'S MY OLD COLLEGE!!!!! This is Glendale Community College, CA where I spent my first years of education in America!!! This is the place where most of my favorite memories were created hahaha...sounds so sad but it's true...Love it!!! Love MadTv and the character Lorraine favorite is Lorraine, and then there is Stuart and his mom (Lorraine and Stuart's mom are played by the same actress btw)...Watch this clip, it's hilarious..Just the title is funny..Lorraine visits Florida University, F.U, hahahaha.... Oh and before I forget, the officer who plays along is a really cool dude...don't wanna give up his name (DUUHH), but S. has a great sense of humor, something that cannot be said about most officers (especially in Glendale haha, oops)...anyways, enjoy darlings

I hope you will laugh as hard as I did :)

Sunday, August 16, 2009

S. has left the country

S. is on her way to LA at this very moment. She called me from London and said that the flight from Stockholm to London was very bumpy, "The pilot cannot FLY" as she put it hahahaha....Hopefully the flight from London will be easier. It feels so weird to know that she has left and I am staying. That is the first time in 5 years..She is still hoping I will find a job in LA so I can return but to be honest it does not look to bright but whatever makes her happy I guess hahahaha...Flying nowadays is scary as hell, we hear about one planecrash after the other and there is no comfort when it is time for us to fly...It used to be one in a million (or whatever, don't quote me on the numbers haha) but now it seems more than that, a lot more...
It is a sunny day today, which is a nice change to the past rainy days. Today would be a good day to exercise if it wasn't for the fact that I have gotten so lazy. Not only have I gotten lazy, my body is stiffer than before haha...I used to be really flexible but after months of just sitting down my muscles have gotten superstiff so my body is crying for some sort of movement...I have been thinking about kickboxing to get my exercise thrill out of my body. I will look in to that and see if there is anything near my home...Going from lazy to kickboxing will shock my body and hopefully that will lead to loads of energy and cause me to make something out of my time here..or it will wear me out hahah. Either way, time will pass and applying for Law School and hoping I will get accepted will be just around the corner. If I get accepted I will move back to the States and continue my furture plan...Now I will wait until around 11 pm for S. to text so I know she has landed and also so I can call H. while she waits at the airport. I truly hope S. will have a smooth flight and hope she will stay busy in LA. To all my friends in LA; I miss you and I hope I will see you soon. Until later darlings...
(Maybe this will be me in the future, KICKING SOME BOOTY!!!! hahah)


Thursday, August 13, 2009

Coping with life

Today I am meeting old friends and it's going to be interesting. I just can't stop thinking about the fact that S. is leaving for LA and I am still going to stay here...I thought I was fine with the knowledge of staying here for a year, working, but realizing I am not finding a job as easily as I thought makes things so much harder. I assumed when I left LA I was returning within a couple of weeks, but after staying longer than that I started getting adjusted again in Sweden and I felt that staying would not be too bad. Now that S. is leaving it dawned on me, I really don't want to stay here any longer. I love my family and it has been easy not to worry about anything but finding a job and satisfying the parents every day, but I am not happy one bit. My life is in LA and not being able to live it hurts more than I thought...I just have to stay strong and search for a job harder and be more persistent than ever. In order to make it in life, giving up is not an option!
Oh wow, I didn't think I was going to get this emotional hahaha...anyways, meeting my High School friends will be interesting, a lot to catch up on and perhaps new memories will be created in time. All I can do is wait for the hard, cold winter to arrive and start applying for schools as well as looking around for scholarships or other means of financial aid to put me through school.
I have my work cut out for me hahaha...Until later lovelies


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

the return

I forgot to tell you that the butterfly that flew in to our kitchen the other day came back the same way the next day, and the day after that it was in my room....I wonder what it wishes to tell us...For now I think it is time for Nala to empty her bladder...I am gonna miss parts of my movie but I have seen it SEVERAL times, and got it as a gift when I came here, Pride and love love...until later


What I say goes...

The most wonderful sound I know is the tip tip tip of Nala's paws running across my apartment floor. It is funny how a man's best friend can become so loyal to its human companion. Nala has many nicknames and although I do not like it when people insist on calling her other names than Nala, such as Lulu, Lucy, Nachos (I have no idea where it came from other than my sister started the trend and the rest caught on), nalucy, and so on...It's cute to have nicknames but to call her by these names ALL THE TIME is confusing for the dog...I named her Nala and so shall her name stay!! I have said my peace!
Moving on to a completely other subject; it's only a couple of days left until S. is going to return to LA..There are mixed feeling, I am happy that she is going back and say hi to all my friends there and be my eyes, ears, and mouth, but at the same time very sad. I have many friends here but she is the only one here that shares my life in LA. I am still hopeful of finding something to allow me to return to LA so I can see all my friends soon and continue the life I build up there. I miss LA so much, even though I was going through a lot. I guess it has taught me and forced me to face the harsh reality. It is too bad that making a life over there is so hard as an honest international student. I wish they would warn us before we leave that there will be days where you will not know if you will have food on the table, a roof over your head, be exposed to morons in all forms and shapes. However, if they would then I suppose people would not travel there haha. Inspite of life being hard it is wonderful. If you are contemplating on whether you want to travel to USA, and more specifically Los Angeles it is safe to say that you should be careful and not naive, expect the worse and your life will be wonderful. In some cases finding a rich dude to marry, you are set hahaha. There is a show that will start September 14th here and it is about Swedish Hollywood wives. It will be interesting to watch. One of the wifes is the wife of Paul Anka...humm..interesting. They seem like total bitches but I have only seen the trailer so I might get surprised haha...time will tell...Other than upcoming shows on TV, I am dreading the fall and winter in Sweden. I am looking for jobs here as well but it is not easy at all. I will not give up until I have found what I am supposed to do in life, hopefully more than sit on my butt and watch TV....Now I will return to my movie and cuddling with my sweetheart...Until later darlings

Monday, August 10, 2009

Paparazzi video by Jonas Åkerlund

She makes headlines for her clothes, hair, and most importantly her music...A great artist!! Love this song n the video is cool too..btw the actor in the video is a Swedish actor Alexander Skarsgård..they both speak Swedish in the beginning and her pronunciation is cute haha....enjoy


Wednesday, August 5, 2009

News, shopping, and work

After two days of walking all over downtown all I have done has been window-shopping. I see thing but nothing that is worth buying..I wonder why that is. I found dresses and shoes but they were the wrong size unfortunately. My shoe size is EU 37/38 but lately none of the 38 fit me, they are too big. I find this very interesting. Have shoe companies started making shoes bigger than what they claim so the consumer will feel as though they don't have as big feet as they actually do? Humm this needs an investigation I believe. I don't buy my sister's theory; my feet have shrunk....As much as I would love for that to be true but we all know it cannot be...As I was eating dinner a butterfly flew in through the window and landed on the curtain. It was a really beatiful one, black and red. I have heard that if you see a white butterfly it brings you GOOD news but if you see a butterfly it brings you news, good or bad...let us hope for good.
(Kind of similar to the one that visited us in the kitchen)

Yesterday I called a lawyer in San Fransisco and again he said; "I wish I could help you but you need to have worked as a paralegal or finished law school for me to be able to hire you." I mean come on already!!! You want me to gain experience yet no one wants to hire me or allow me to intern at their company. Another firm said that they needed me to have 180 hours of experience in some sort of legal office. Ok, how am I going to get that when they all want me to have experience? To gain experience, you need one wants to grant me an intership...I am grateful for my friends that are trying to ask people they know if they can help me out and hire me...I AM A HARD WORKER I SWEAR!!!!!!!!!!

S. is calling so until later darlings


Monday, August 3, 2009

bbq, dresses and work

Nala loves to sit up there when we are in the car waiting for someone..this was a rainy day with us waiting for my parents to do the grocery shopping. There was one day when I was sitting outside waiting for my dad and an old lady passed me. She looked at Nala and said "I am so happy to see that you do not leave her outside all by herself. It is like people ask to have their dogs stolen" and she walks away. I agree with her, I really don't like it when I see dogs outside the supermarket. They look so sad and lot of kids approach the dogs carelessly. Once I saw 4 dogs together and they were shook up by all the kids and noise. The owner came out and yelled at the dogs for making so much noice..But I mean don't blame the dogs, blame yourself..The dogs will be happier at home, away from all the crazy people!!

After a long vacation my dad went back to work and my brother is on his way back from Greece tomorrow. The whole time my dad was on his vacation it was raining and on the first day of going back to work it is very sunny and warm haha...Yesterday we went over to my aunts house and enjoyed a LOVELY barbeque...It was soo good and most of us stuffed our faces until we could not move an inch but for some reason, for the first time in a long time, I stopped eating at the time when I was full but could continue eating...they say that is the point of when you are supposed to stop eating but I did not want to stop eating the wonderful food. I was not the only one feeling like this haha my aunts husband was the man was doing all the bbqing and he was pissed because he got full after one portion...He filled up on the smell hahaha...The reason we went over for yummy bbq was to welcome them back home from Lebanon. They showed us pictures from their vacation and it looked beautiful. Some time in the future I will have to visit Lebanon and Syria, and re-visit Turkey so I can see the where my parents grew up... This is a statue of Virgin Mary (Harissa) that my aunt and family visited. This statue is said to have turned when her village was shot at in order to take all the bullets and thus protected her entire village..Fascinating I must say.
(When I went looking for dresses I didn't found any but I found this ring hahaha...very pretty and colorful...I don't know if you can see the mole on my ring finger but that is one of my favorites haha...I always say it is there to show my future fiance where to place the diamond hahaha..If I want to get married that is lool)
I have been looking for dresses to wear because there is an engagement party this Friday. I tried on a couple of my cousins dresses and they fit like a glove hahaha. Funny thing was one of dresses fit my cousin, my sister and me. We all have different body types but it looked great on all of us, it was like the Sisterhood of the Traveling Dress (yes S. I stole your line but to be fair we did say it at the same time so maybe you stole my line huummmm)..I ended up borrowing a golden dress..It is HEAVY!!!! It is gorgeous but when I tried it on I had to keep sucking in my stomach because it was a "tad" tight over my belly...I have to stop eating homemade cinnamon buns!! Now I need shoes and purse....Wedding is a multimillion industry darn it haha and we are the guilty ones...
Now my mom is on my case about finding a job and not staying at home but I can say it is easier said than done. I can get a job as a receptionist at a hair salon but after getting a degree I don't want to spend days sitting booking appointments for hair cuts...I know we have to start somewhere but honestly I would rather keep looking than get desperate and settle for anything...Ugh, life is back! Oh well, I guess she wants to discuss this because she can see I am typing yet she is keeping asking one question after the other and telling me to focus on her and not my computer. This means goodbye for now...Until later darlings