Tuesday, July 14, 2009


After a long day with M and her boyfriend my head is spinning...M. called this morning on the verge of crying and saying how much she needs a friend, so I got out of bed and headed down to her shop. I was sweating my butt off when I finally reached my friend in need. We walked around before we sat down at Taco Bar and enjoyed a Taco De Luxe each. After finishing a meal and M. pouring her heart out about her boyfriend (the problem she was having) we went to sit at the cafe we always spend our "dates". Talking about J's wedding and the problems M is having with her boyfriend, I feel sorry for M. She is one of the sweetest girls I have met but she keeps getting hurt by guys. I don't know what it is but every time she thinks she has found a guy she can spend her life with, problems occur...Ever since we started working together M. has been looking for that "special" guy..there have been plenty of men but none have been good enough. This present boyfriend has gotten her all gitty and happy but their issues are serious. I thought that when someone is in their late 30s and in a serious relationship marriage is not out of the question but for him it is still too early. They come from different backgrounds, hers is Middle Eastern and his is Italian. When she tells him that in our culture we cannot move out of the house unless we are in school or married he does not understand. He keeps telling her that she is old enough to make her own decision. In order for her to know what life feels like she needs to become independent and live on her own. Before they think about getting married he wants them to live together BUT what he doesn't understand is that it really is impossible. There have been things in her family lately that have stirred things up badly and if she mentions moving out it will be the final drop for her mother. I just wish the best for her because she deserves nothing less..After a couple of glasses of wine S. came and met us up. We stayed for about 2 hours (which means I had spent 9 hours just eating and drinking) before heading home. My mom made a funny comment: "When you leave the house you don't know the way back and when you are home you can't find the way out...there is no inbetween with you"...hahahaha I guess she is right, this is what it has come down to lately, if I go out I stay out all day long and when I don't go out I stay in my PJ's all day inbetweens here...

Moving on to another subject, I want to say congrats to S.M who just scored a position as an intern at Cosmopolitan for 2 weeks...I knew you would do great, this is just the will become the next Anna Wintour and I am keeping my fingers crossed for you...I want you to know how proud I am of you...yeay for S.M!!!!

I am getting pretty sleepy now and tomorrow shoes await me, so excited!!! I hope I will find a couple of pairs hihi...until later lovelies


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