Thursday, July 9, 2009

Rainy days

Rain, rain, rain, and rain..this is what it has been like for the past week. Since I came to Sweden I can count the sunny days, which are very few. There has been a lot going on in my life while there has been nothing going makes no sense but that is how it has been lately. J's wedding is getting closer and I am getting pretty excited...It is odd to imagine someone I have grown up with since birth is getting married, feels like when we were 10 years old and playing in our neighborhood and all of the sudden she is moving to another city, married. I know I left 5 years ago to the States but I guess it is different when I am left here and someone leaves...

Change of subject, I was out walking Nala when I saw a bird sitting in a puddle of water by a couple of bushes. Next to that bird was another bird just walking around. It was so odd to see a bird in the middle of the dirty puddle as though it is bathing. I passed it with Nala and the bird did not budge. While Nala was doing her business I was watching the bird. After a couple of seconds the bird started bathing itself and before I knew it was gone..all I could think about was that I wished I had a camera with me or my cell phone (even though I have not used a cell since I came to Sweden because my parents cancelled my subscription and I have been too lazy to get a new card)..I wanted to have a picture of this surreal image with the bird. In the midst of rain, dirt, bushes, and stress the bird was sitting in the puddle looking very serene and not aware of its dull surroundings. Another day I was running some errands in the car and I was stuck in traffic when all of the sudden out the woods I see a baby deer (fawn) walking around minding its own business. It was so beautiful. I could not help myself from smiling and wishing traffic would stop completely and I could just sit and observe this amazing being but life "honked" and I had to keep moving...Even though the bird, fawn, and I left with no picture in my camera, I will always have this images of nature and it is beautiful. I suggest you stop your busy lives and look around your surroundings and see if nature has anything to offer...The short moment you take in whatever nature gives you will feel like an eternity and will lift you spirits more than you can's worth taking a break from the stress we call life...until later sweeties


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