Friday, July 17, 2009

Movies and gifts

(Not a movie I would walk out of the theater wanting to see again. Once is enough)

I was at S's house yesterday where we watched Angels & Demons and He's just not that into you...I have to say that the first movie was not something I would call amazing but it was not bad either, it was entertaining. Right off the bat I knew who the bad guy was, even though at several occasions I questioned my choice of the bad guy. Kept me on my toes. I have to say though that the most important thing was; I was right and S's brother D. was WRONG!!!! Which does not happen a lot in his world hahaha..The second movie just made me hide my face because of how I felt for some of the characters. Some were loved, some pitied, and others disliked. Overall the movie is a good movie to watch and it makes us think about our own ideals of relationship and which character we may be. The movie made me laugh, which is always appreciated, and the fact that several of actors are some of my favorites does not hurt.
I came to the conclusion that I do not want to get married EVER! This made D. happy, and S as well as her mom sigh at my "ridiculous" statement. I think I have lost my belief in marriage to be honest. It is a long explanation of why and I don't want to bore you. Let us just say that as of today I do not want to get married and if that day comes I will deal with it then...Today I am a happy single.
(Funny and shows how people function in relationships...Let me just say KARMA IS A BITCH sometimes haha)

Going off topic, S's brought some stuff from LA to me. My sister got a pair of basketball shoes (really nice), H. bought my mom a lovely set of coffee cups, and I got my pictures from my commencement ceremony as well as my tassle (navy). The first thing my mother says when she takes out my picture, that is in the frame, is NOT; how lovely, you look so pretty, congratulations, well done dear BUT instead I get to hear; where am I gonna hang this? It is too heavy, nothing will hold this thing......So I simply said; put it in my closet and leave it there. No need to give yourself headache over my achievements...Lovely way to begin my day. No matter what I do, somehow I cannot seem to impress my family. Oh well, thank God for people that do understand what I have accomplished and how much I have struggled, my beloved friends. Without you guys my world would fall apart, so thank you for keeping me afloat :)

I have to go eat something because I am starving...Until later dears


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  1. ...well I hope you still want to come to my wedding!! I loved the movie, and the book is not only extremely funny but also very, very truthful, honest and extemely helpful when it comes to understanding those annoying, weird, lovely creatures that we can't live with or without!