Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Memorial Service...

Sitting in my kitchen watching the memorial of Michael Jackson, taking place at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, it is hard to sit and listen to all the people who loved and knew Michael Jackson, talk about their memories of him as well as listening to the songs played in his honor without shedding tears. It is amazing how one person touched so many hearts all over the world. My mother listens to the songs and tells me which is her is odd to hear my mother talk about Michael Jackson's songs because she does not like that kind of music. This shows the variety of people that love his music. It is unreal to see the pictures of him behind all the performers and be reminded that he has actually passed away...A man who loved people, who did good for others was ridiculed during his last years on earth. He has proved now and for all, no matter what people have/will say, he is, as Sheila Jackson Lee said, the Good Samaritan. He shared all of him and his fortune with the world, he is now titled the World Humanitarian, presented by the Congress of the United States. We did not hear about all the good things he did when he was alive, which shows his quest to give without receiving. I wish he would hear all of this when he was alive, but I guess better late than never. He left us at a young age but he accomplished more than most of the people that live to be a hundred ever will. He lived a full life, hopefully happy...It is with a heavy heart I say goodbye to Michael Jackson, a legend. We have not lost a person but a true King. Until later to all you Michael Jackson fans

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  1. What?? It's you!!!!! I have found you! I've been trying to text you but it won't go through! How are you? How is Sweden? How is my favorite pup? I MISS YOU!!