Sunday, July 12, 2009

Magical wedding

Sitting on the bed with aching feet, recappin what happened yesterday...The whole day was real eventful. I went to the hairdresser in the morning to get my hair done for J's wedding. Me and my mom had an appointment and my dad took us there. When we got there in the morning we are greeted by a room filled with fog. I looked through the catalogs they had laying around and noticed it was from the ninties...that is when I knew my hair will look like crap. My mother left me to visit a relative close by and I was alone with the hairdresser. I tell her to do what she thinks will look good so after 30 minutes (she works real fast) I look in the mirror..Instead of seeing a 25 year old woman with a nice updo I see a woman with the hair of a little pageant girl during the ninties. I was really bummed because I did not know how to salvage the hair, I couldn't bare telling her that the hair looks like shit. I waited for my mother to come so she can fix her hair and we can go home. She showed up 20 minutes later. When my mother finishes her hair we take off and so does my disappointment. I come home to grab a bite and take my sister to get her hair done with M. and also fix my hair. We get to the shop and M. laughs at my angry face and begins her work with my sister. It came out real nice, I was now hopeful for my own hair. While laughing at how ridiculous my hair looks M. brushes out all the locks and begins her magic...About an hour later, and a ton of hairspray, my hair looked amazing and so M. saved my day. Not only did she fix my hair she also did my make up, which saved me a lot of time. We went home to get dressed and head on over to J's, now maiden home. Me and mom walked over to the apartment (childhood friends and neighbors all our lives haha) and two minutes later I see my friend, that I have known since birth, stand in the kitchen, where I not long ago sat and discussed life, dressed in her gorgeous wedding gown while the hairdresser fixes her vails. She looked sooo wonderful, like the perfect bride...I was struggling not to cry so kept talking with everyone around me. As her younger brother walks her out she starts crying. I head to the door to make way for the camera guy and also use that as the perfect excuse not to stand there because I know that the tears were on the way down. I somehow ended up in the elevator with J. and her brother D. as well her friend M.Z. After that ordeal we head back home to get in the car and head out to the church. We waited for my brother and dad to get ready and by the time we came to the church we missed when she arrived, which also meant that we had AWEFUL seats. I could barely see when she walked down the aisle. I love how the priest was praying over J's husband, M. and tells him: "M, save the talking for later" and focus on what was happening in that moment. After the ceremony we went over to the hall and danced all night long. She looked absolutely radiant and it was so much fun. It is still hard for me to comprehend that she is married and I will no longer have any reasons to get over to her parents house and talk until morning. I am so proud of her, she refused to give up on her love and now she is married. If you would ask people if this would happen over a year ago, the answer would be NO. She never stopped fighting for her relationship. She proved to all of us that have people against our relationship, to keep fighing and if it is meant to be nothing will get in the way. They looked so wonderful together, happy, and so in love, just like newlyweds are supposed to be.
(A distant picture of the happy couple) (the cake..simple, pretty, and YUMMY...if I say cake is yummy then it is really good hahah)

To M, and J: I wish you the best of luck, joy, happiness, wealth, love and all good things in the world. Like I told you before I left the wedding, "M, you better take care of our girl"....Love you both and see you soon....Until later lovebirds

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