Sunday, July 5, 2009

Long day and long entry

Finally at home after going out to what I thought was going to be a lunch with my friend M. but ended with an all day and night date. I have been spending a lot of time with M. and her boyfriend these past days. I went to her workplace and colored my hair which was not planned at all. She suggested I would strip my hair and bleach it so she can brighten my color. I was very hesistant because I have had bad experiences with hair bleaching. My skin color does not go well with blonde so bleaching will not look good on me at all!!! She assured me it would not get blonde. She washed my hair and gave me a wonderful head massage to then bleach my hair. Right after she finished putting the bleach on my hair a customer needed her help. So there I am sitting in the chair with bleach in my hair, something I am supposed to have on like 2 minutes, it felt like she was gone for a long time. All along my sister D. was with me and she was not making me feel any better because she was making faces at how bright my hair was getting. I was panicking in my chair and no M. in sight. The smell of the bleach was making my eyes water and hard to breath. M. comes running and washes my hair, both her and my sister look shocked so I really start to panic. She put the color on and after touching up twice to make my hair darker it looks great!!! She blow dried it and off I went to show off my summer color..Best part of it all was that it was all for free :)

Tonight was a long night filled with drinks, food, and couples hahaha...I was with M., her boyfriend C., his friend C., with wife D. and of course me. The day started at a Cafe and was followed by a short boat ride to a restaurant in Old Town, one of my favourite places in Stockholm. After sitting at the restaurant, eating and talking until closing time, we decided to go to a bar close by. Several mood swings later, on M's part, we grabbed a cab and headed to the city where I said goodbye and walked home. I met M. around 5 pm and left them around 1 am. It was a long day but luckily I wore sneakers and jeans, very comfy but not clubbing attire haha...I started writing this when I came home but with the alcohol flowing through my body I did not finish the entry, instead I picked it up now in the morning. As my sister is playing with a HUGE soccer ball (my brother won it at the amusement park, Gröna Lund, in Stockholm), I am waiting for the food to get done so I can eat and take shivering Nala out for a while...maybe I will run in to the hot guy, with a chihuahua, living in the building next to mine...Until later darlings
(this is how I felt when I started this entry last night and could not finish it hehe)


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