Friday, July 24, 2009

Father of the bride...

I just entered a contest and most likely I will not win hahaha...I used to be so lucky as a kid but as I have grown up my luck has left me haha. I am watching the Father of the Bride and OMG Steve Martin is hilarious. The scene where Annie wanted to call off the wedding and Steve Martin is sitting at the bar with the groom to be, and he is comforting him. It is interesting to see a man sit at the bar crying with his father to be. It makes me wonder if there really are men like that and why women keep saying they love men like that. I know one thing and that is that I do not belong to those women. I love a man who is sensitive but I totally love it when a man just gets all "manly" hahaha..Kind of like King Leonidas in the movie 300. He loves his wife but can KICK ASS!!! I guess it is the whole thing of knowing my man can protect me when needed. But it has been stated that I am not a romantic girl like most women. I easily get awkward when things get too mushy. When I guy does too much or says too much is when I get turned OFF. My turn ons are; if a man can make me laugh then he is halfway there haha. He has to know when to put his foot down and when to admit he was wrong. He needs to have ambitions, I don't mean he needs to be rich because the most important thing is when a man knows what he wants and he aims for it. I dated a guy who wanted to be a rock star, at the age of 24! It is cool to know he lives for his dream but he had no other plans. Honestly, if you have not made it then maybe you should try something else full time and keep the dream as a hobby. Never give up your dream but remain realistic. A man needs to make sure I feel safe with him, if I don't feel safe with him then why should I be with him. There is sooo much more I expect from a man, which can be the reason I have a hard time finding a good man hahaha but I am in no hurry. If the right one will come I will know. Congratulations to all you couples who have found your soulmates, may you thrive and keep the love going forever....Until later loved ones
(hahaha how sad..this will be me...looool...JUST KIDDING!!!)


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