Wednesday, July 29, 2009

8 different languages under one roof

It's hard to find time to write in my blog at the moment since we have guests that are staying with us. This is the first time I get a chance to open my computer since they came. We have a grandmother, daughter, and grandson. It is hard to understand what a four year old is saying let alone a French speaking four year old. I counted all the languages that can be spoken in this apartment and the result is; 8. There is; Swedish, English, Syriac, Arabic, Italian, French, Turkish, and German (Not counting the languages my sister taught herself like Japanese and Korean). After 2 days of running around and French being spoken in my apartment, I have noticed that perhaps my French is not as bad as I thought. Since I studied French in school people expect me to speak fluently but that is not the case. I had one bad teacher after the other and most of them I did not like. They all had different methods of teachings and their own preferences so instead of learning how to do well in speaking, reading, or writing, I had bad tutoring in all areas. It was not until I reached High School where I had a good teacher but by then I was so bad at it and I had lost all my interest in the French language, something I regret now. When I started taking French lessons, in 6th grade, I had an amazing teacher and I loved the language. By the time I reached junior High I had 3 different French teachers, one worse than the other. Instead of focusing on my French classes I put more effort in my Italian lessons and that became a new favorite. Now I can understand French and Italian good, as long as people speak slowly haha which my relatives unfortunately do not do. To listen to them speak French is like hearing papupoupuipapapa, you know what I mean. The little boy speaks in French and I respond in Syriac or French (depends on how confident I feel), works great and communication flows fine.
Now it is time for me to shut the computer off because little J. is running around and freaking Nala out. In order for the boy not to have an accident in his pants I need to calm the dog down...She really does not like people, especially kids...need Ceasar "the dog whisperer" here hahaha...Until later all you people of the world...


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