Wednesday, July 29, 2009

8 different languages under one roof

It's hard to find time to write in my blog at the moment since we have guests that are staying with us. This is the first time I get a chance to open my computer since they came. We have a grandmother, daughter, and grandson. It is hard to understand what a four year old is saying let alone a French speaking four year old. I counted all the languages that can be spoken in this apartment and the result is; 8. There is; Swedish, English, Syriac, Arabic, Italian, French, Turkish, and German (Not counting the languages my sister taught herself like Japanese and Korean). After 2 days of running around and French being spoken in my apartment, I have noticed that perhaps my French is not as bad as I thought. Since I studied French in school people expect me to speak fluently but that is not the case. I had one bad teacher after the other and most of them I did not like. They all had different methods of teachings and their own preferences so instead of learning how to do well in speaking, reading, or writing, I had bad tutoring in all areas. It was not until I reached High School where I had a good teacher but by then I was so bad at it and I had lost all my interest in the French language, something I regret now. When I started taking French lessons, in 6th grade, I had an amazing teacher and I loved the language. By the time I reached junior High I had 3 different French teachers, one worse than the other. Instead of focusing on my French classes I put more effort in my Italian lessons and that became a new favorite. Now I can understand French and Italian good, as long as people speak slowly haha which my relatives unfortunately do not do. To listen to them speak French is like hearing papupoupuipapapa, you know what I mean. The little boy speaks in French and I respond in Syriac or French (depends on how confident I feel), works great and communication flows fine.
Now it is time for me to shut the computer off because little J. is running around and freaking Nala out. In order for the boy not to have an accident in his pants I need to calm the dog down...She really does not like people, especially kids...need Ceasar "the dog whisperer" here hahaha...Until later all you people of the world...


Monday, July 27, 2009


S. showed me this awesome song by Ne-Yo. I don't know if it release yet but it's called Round and Round...the beat is amazing....can't help but love this song....I don't know what the last part is though and I am too lazy to put in another video so ENJOY!!!!

Until later music lovers


Friday, July 24, 2009

Father of the bride...

I just entered a contest and most likely I will not win hahaha...I used to be so lucky as a kid but as I have grown up my luck has left me haha. I am watching the Father of the Bride and OMG Steve Martin is hilarious. The scene where Annie wanted to call off the wedding and Steve Martin is sitting at the bar with the groom to be, and he is comforting him. It is interesting to see a man sit at the bar crying with his father to be. It makes me wonder if there really are men like that and why women keep saying they love men like that. I know one thing and that is that I do not belong to those women. I love a man who is sensitive but I totally love it when a man just gets all "manly" hahaha..Kind of like King Leonidas in the movie 300. He loves his wife but can KICK ASS!!! I guess it is the whole thing of knowing my man can protect me when needed. But it has been stated that I am not a romantic girl like most women. I easily get awkward when things get too mushy. When I guy does too much or says too much is when I get turned OFF. My turn ons are; if a man can make me laugh then he is halfway there haha. He has to know when to put his foot down and when to admit he was wrong. He needs to have ambitions, I don't mean he needs to be rich because the most important thing is when a man knows what he wants and he aims for it. I dated a guy who wanted to be a rock star, at the age of 24! It is cool to know he lives for his dream but he had no other plans. Honestly, if you have not made it then maybe you should try something else full time and keep the dream as a hobby. Never give up your dream but remain realistic. A man needs to make sure I feel safe with him, if I don't feel safe with him then why should I be with him. There is sooo much more I expect from a man, which can be the reason I have a hard time finding a good man hahaha but I am in no hurry. If the right one will come I will know. Congratulations to all you couples who have found your soulmates, may you thrive and keep the love going forever....Until later loved ones
(hahaha how sad..this will be me...looool...JUST KIDDING!!!)


Monday, July 20, 2009

Harry Potter and paint

I fell asleep last night to the sound of rain and woke up to the rays of the sun. It was said the other day, by a friend that this northern country is reminding us more of a tropical country as each season passes. We had pouring rain one day, only for the rain to be interrupted by the warm sun. It evaporated so quickly that it almost made us doubt it ever rained. Anyways, I don't want to write about the weather, I mean it is not like I am trying to make small talk with you guys haha.
Me and my sister went to see Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. I read the book a long time ago and there were moments were I sat nailed to my seat wondering what will happen next but the biggest twist was hard to forget even though I read the book years ago. I love how the cast keeps making these movies better and better. One would think that after all these movies we would be pretty tired of Harry Potter but instead after each movie we see we want more. When I walked out of the theater I knew that the next movie is gonna blow our minds. The movie ended, leaving its audience in a state of hunger for more. In this movie an actress who stood out was Helena Bonham Carter. Anyone who has seen any movie starring this actress knows that she was made for the part of Bellatrix Lestrange. An evil witch, with no mercy and only goal is to serve her master, Voldemort. I loved her portrayal and no one could have done it better. Also the original cast were as wonderful as always. They have grown up and with all the love in this movie the director made sure that the audience understands that they are no longer children but teens. One thing that boggled me was the fact that the scary factor was not as protruding as usual. I usually jump out of my seat when I watch a Harry Potter movie but during this one I only flinched twice. I am not a scary movie fan AT ALL but I feel that it should have been a little scarier and not so predictable. But, as always the special effects were awesome. This is highly recommended to see. I will give this movie 5/5 R's. It was Right on.

Today I might go and help S. and her brother D. to paint his apartment. It would be fun, I love to paint and fix stuff. Knowing myself I like to make a mess, not always on purpose, so if I go I need to wear something I do not like much haha..I have a feeling it will be the last time I will wear it. Well, now I have to go and make some calls...Until later painters


Sunday, July 19, 2009

less motivation, more music

What do I do when I have very little motivation to write? I let you listen to one of the songs I am listening to at the moment....I hope you like my musical does vary I have to say :)

Many people are always on my mind, in my heart, in my can ask yourself if you are one of them probably are ;P

Friday, July 17, 2009

Movies and gifts

(Not a movie I would walk out of the theater wanting to see again. Once is enough)

I was at S's house yesterday where we watched Angels & Demons and He's just not that into you...I have to say that the first movie was not something I would call amazing but it was not bad either, it was entertaining. Right off the bat I knew who the bad guy was, even though at several occasions I questioned my choice of the bad guy. Kept me on my toes. I have to say though that the most important thing was; I was right and S's brother D. was WRONG!!!! Which does not happen a lot in his world hahaha..The second movie just made me hide my face because of how I felt for some of the characters. Some were loved, some pitied, and others disliked. Overall the movie is a good movie to watch and it makes us think about our own ideals of relationship and which character we may be. The movie made me laugh, which is always appreciated, and the fact that several of actors are some of my favorites does not hurt.
I came to the conclusion that I do not want to get married EVER! This made D. happy, and S as well as her mom sigh at my "ridiculous" statement. I think I have lost my belief in marriage to be honest. It is a long explanation of why and I don't want to bore you. Let us just say that as of today I do not want to get married and if that day comes I will deal with it then...Today I am a happy single.
(Funny and shows how people function in relationships...Let me just say KARMA IS A BITCH sometimes haha)

Going off topic, S's brought some stuff from LA to me. My sister got a pair of basketball shoes (really nice), H. bought my mom a lovely set of coffee cups, and I got my pictures from my commencement ceremony as well as my tassle (navy). The first thing my mother says when she takes out my picture, that is in the frame, is NOT; how lovely, you look so pretty, congratulations, well done dear BUT instead I get to hear; where am I gonna hang this? It is too heavy, nothing will hold this thing......So I simply said; put it in my closet and leave it there. No need to give yourself headache over my achievements...Lovely way to begin my day. No matter what I do, somehow I cannot seem to impress my family. Oh well, thank God for people that do understand what I have accomplished and how much I have struggled, my beloved friends. Without you guys my world would fall apart, so thank you for keeping me afloat :)

I have to go eat something because I am starving...Until later dears


Tuesday, July 14, 2009


After a long day with M and her boyfriend my head is spinning...M. called this morning on the verge of crying and saying how much she needs a friend, so I got out of bed and headed down to her shop. I was sweating my butt off when I finally reached my friend in need. We walked around before we sat down at Taco Bar and enjoyed a Taco De Luxe each. After finishing a meal and M. pouring her heart out about her boyfriend (the problem she was having) we went to sit at the cafe we always spend our "dates". Talking about J's wedding and the problems M is having with her boyfriend, I feel sorry for M. She is one of the sweetest girls I have met but she keeps getting hurt by guys. I don't know what it is but every time she thinks she has found a guy she can spend her life with, problems occur...Ever since we started working together M. has been looking for that "special" guy..there have been plenty of men but none have been good enough. This present boyfriend has gotten her all gitty and happy but their issues are serious. I thought that when someone is in their late 30s and in a serious relationship marriage is not out of the question but for him it is still too early. They come from different backgrounds, hers is Middle Eastern and his is Italian. When she tells him that in our culture we cannot move out of the house unless we are in school or married he does not understand. He keeps telling her that she is old enough to make her own decision. In order for her to know what life feels like she needs to become independent and live on her own. Before they think about getting married he wants them to live together BUT what he doesn't understand is that it really is impossible. There have been things in her family lately that have stirred things up badly and if she mentions moving out it will be the final drop for her mother. I just wish the best for her because she deserves nothing less..After a couple of glasses of wine S. came and met us up. We stayed for about 2 hours (which means I had spent 9 hours just eating and drinking) before heading home. My mom made a funny comment: "When you leave the house you don't know the way back and when you are home you can't find the way out...there is no inbetween with you"...hahahaha I guess she is right, this is what it has come down to lately, if I go out I stay out all day long and when I don't go out I stay in my PJ's all day inbetweens here...

Moving on to another subject, I want to say congrats to S.M who just scored a position as an intern at Cosmopolitan for 2 weeks...I knew you would do great, this is just the will become the next Anna Wintour and I am keeping my fingers crossed for you...I want you to know how proud I am of you...yeay for S.M!!!!

I am getting pretty sleepy now and tomorrow shoes await me, so excited!!! I hope I will find a couple of pairs hihi...until later lovelies


Sunday, July 12, 2009


A tribute to Michael Jackson by the dance group Bounce..took place in downtown Stockholm, Sweden...Really close to my home. Funny thing is that I was there about an hour earlier but noticed nothing...The second time was also downtown but by the nightclubs in the posh area, Östermalm, where I live...pretty I think dance groups in other cities across the world should show their appreciation to this amazing artist...Let the artists that are working their butts off every day to entertain us, see how much we appreciate them....until later sweethearts


Magical wedding

Sitting on the bed with aching feet, recappin what happened yesterday...The whole day was real eventful. I went to the hairdresser in the morning to get my hair done for J's wedding. Me and my mom had an appointment and my dad took us there. When we got there in the morning we are greeted by a room filled with fog. I looked through the catalogs they had laying around and noticed it was from the ninties...that is when I knew my hair will look like crap. My mother left me to visit a relative close by and I was alone with the hairdresser. I tell her to do what she thinks will look good so after 30 minutes (she works real fast) I look in the mirror..Instead of seeing a 25 year old woman with a nice updo I see a woman with the hair of a little pageant girl during the ninties. I was really bummed because I did not know how to salvage the hair, I couldn't bare telling her that the hair looks like shit. I waited for my mother to come so she can fix her hair and we can go home. She showed up 20 minutes later. When my mother finishes her hair we take off and so does my disappointment. I come home to grab a bite and take my sister to get her hair done with M. and also fix my hair. We get to the shop and M. laughs at my angry face and begins her work with my sister. It came out real nice, I was now hopeful for my own hair. While laughing at how ridiculous my hair looks M. brushes out all the locks and begins her magic...About an hour later, and a ton of hairspray, my hair looked amazing and so M. saved my day. Not only did she fix my hair she also did my make up, which saved me a lot of time. We went home to get dressed and head on over to J's, now maiden home. Me and mom walked over to the apartment (childhood friends and neighbors all our lives haha) and two minutes later I see my friend, that I have known since birth, stand in the kitchen, where I not long ago sat and discussed life, dressed in her gorgeous wedding gown while the hairdresser fixes her vails. She looked sooo wonderful, like the perfect bride...I was struggling not to cry so kept talking with everyone around me. As her younger brother walks her out she starts crying. I head to the door to make way for the camera guy and also use that as the perfect excuse not to stand there because I know that the tears were on the way down. I somehow ended up in the elevator with J. and her brother D. as well her friend M.Z. After that ordeal we head back home to get in the car and head out to the church. We waited for my brother and dad to get ready and by the time we came to the church we missed when she arrived, which also meant that we had AWEFUL seats. I could barely see when she walked down the aisle. I love how the priest was praying over J's husband, M. and tells him: "M, save the talking for later" and focus on what was happening in that moment. After the ceremony we went over to the hall and danced all night long. She looked absolutely radiant and it was so much fun. It is still hard for me to comprehend that she is married and I will no longer have any reasons to get over to her parents house and talk until morning. I am so proud of her, she refused to give up on her love and now she is married. If you would ask people if this would happen over a year ago, the answer would be NO. She never stopped fighting for her relationship. She proved to all of us that have people against our relationship, to keep fighing and if it is meant to be nothing will get in the way. They looked so wonderful together, happy, and so in love, just like newlyweds are supposed to be.
(A distant picture of the happy couple) (the cake..simple, pretty, and YUMMY...if I say cake is yummy then it is really good hahah)

To M, and J: I wish you the best of luck, joy, happiness, wealth, love and all good things in the world. Like I told you before I left the wedding, "M, you better take care of our girl"....Love you both and see you soon....Until later lovebirds

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Rainy days

Rain, rain, rain, and rain..this is what it has been like for the past week. Since I came to Sweden I can count the sunny days, which are very few. There has been a lot going on in my life while there has been nothing going makes no sense but that is how it has been lately. J's wedding is getting closer and I am getting pretty excited...It is odd to imagine someone I have grown up with since birth is getting married, feels like when we were 10 years old and playing in our neighborhood and all of the sudden she is moving to another city, married. I know I left 5 years ago to the States but I guess it is different when I am left here and someone leaves...

Change of subject, I was out walking Nala when I saw a bird sitting in a puddle of water by a couple of bushes. Next to that bird was another bird just walking around. It was so odd to see a bird in the middle of the dirty puddle as though it is bathing. I passed it with Nala and the bird did not budge. While Nala was doing her business I was watching the bird. After a couple of seconds the bird started bathing itself and before I knew it was gone..all I could think about was that I wished I had a camera with me or my cell phone (even though I have not used a cell since I came to Sweden because my parents cancelled my subscription and I have been too lazy to get a new card)..I wanted to have a picture of this surreal image with the bird. In the midst of rain, dirt, bushes, and stress the bird was sitting in the puddle looking very serene and not aware of its dull surroundings. Another day I was running some errands in the car and I was stuck in traffic when all of the sudden out the woods I see a baby deer (fawn) walking around minding its own business. It was so beautiful. I could not help myself from smiling and wishing traffic would stop completely and I could just sit and observe this amazing being but life "honked" and I had to keep moving...Even though the bird, fawn, and I left with no picture in my camera, I will always have this images of nature and it is beautiful. I suggest you stop your busy lives and look around your surroundings and see if nature has anything to offer...The short moment you take in whatever nature gives you will feel like an eternity and will lift you spirits more than you can's worth taking a break from the stress we call life...until later sweeties


Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Memorial Service...

Sitting in my kitchen watching the memorial of Michael Jackson, taking place at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, it is hard to sit and listen to all the people who loved and knew Michael Jackson, talk about their memories of him as well as listening to the songs played in his honor without shedding tears. It is amazing how one person touched so many hearts all over the world. My mother listens to the songs and tells me which is her is odd to hear my mother talk about Michael Jackson's songs because she does not like that kind of music. This shows the variety of people that love his music. It is unreal to see the pictures of him behind all the performers and be reminded that he has actually passed away...A man who loved people, who did good for others was ridiculed during his last years on earth. He has proved now and for all, no matter what people have/will say, he is, as Sheila Jackson Lee said, the Good Samaritan. He shared all of him and his fortune with the world, he is now titled the World Humanitarian, presented by the Congress of the United States. We did not hear about all the good things he did when he was alive, which shows his quest to give without receiving. I wish he would hear all of this when he was alive, but I guess better late than never. He left us at a young age but he accomplished more than most of the people that live to be a hundred ever will. He lived a full life, hopefully happy...It is with a heavy heart I say goodbye to Michael Jackson, a legend. We have not lost a person but a true King. Until later to all you Michael Jackson fans

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Long day and long entry

Finally at home after going out to what I thought was going to be a lunch with my friend M. but ended with an all day and night date. I have been spending a lot of time with M. and her boyfriend these past days. I went to her workplace and colored my hair which was not planned at all. She suggested I would strip my hair and bleach it so she can brighten my color. I was very hesistant because I have had bad experiences with hair bleaching. My skin color does not go well with blonde so bleaching will not look good on me at all!!! She assured me it would not get blonde. She washed my hair and gave me a wonderful head massage to then bleach my hair. Right after she finished putting the bleach on my hair a customer needed her help. So there I am sitting in the chair with bleach in my hair, something I am supposed to have on like 2 minutes, it felt like she was gone for a long time. All along my sister D. was with me and she was not making me feel any better because she was making faces at how bright my hair was getting. I was panicking in my chair and no M. in sight. The smell of the bleach was making my eyes water and hard to breath. M. comes running and washes my hair, both her and my sister look shocked so I really start to panic. She put the color on and after touching up twice to make my hair darker it looks great!!! She blow dried it and off I went to show off my summer color..Best part of it all was that it was all for free :)

Tonight was a long night filled with drinks, food, and couples hahaha...I was with M., her boyfriend C., his friend C., with wife D. and of course me. The day started at a Cafe and was followed by a short boat ride to a restaurant in Old Town, one of my favourite places in Stockholm. After sitting at the restaurant, eating and talking until closing time, we decided to go to a bar close by. Several mood swings later, on M's part, we grabbed a cab and headed to the city where I said goodbye and walked home. I met M. around 5 pm and left them around 1 am. It was a long day but luckily I wore sneakers and jeans, very comfy but not clubbing attire haha...I started writing this when I came home but with the alcohol flowing through my body I did not finish the entry, instead I picked it up now in the morning. As my sister is playing with a HUGE soccer ball (my brother won it at the amusement park, Gröna Lund, in Stockholm), I am waiting for the food to get done so I can eat and take shivering Nala out for a while...maybe I will run in to the hot guy, with a chihuahua, living in the building next to mine...Until later darlings
(this is how I felt when I started this entry last night and could not finish it hehe)


Thursday, July 2, 2009

Be On You

Enjoy the sweet music of Ne-Yo and Flo Rida...As most of you know I love Ne-Yo's music and this song is no exception...Hope you like the song, I know you will S. haha....Good luck with the apartment hunting, I know it is not easy and you have been at it for some time now but you will find the perfect place and it will be worth all this searching...I miss you all in LA and I think about you every day here in Sweden..Until later