Monday, June 15, 2009

single or taken

I really like this song...isn't romance wonderful :) I miss having the butterfly feeling in my stomach and looking at my phone, waiting for the special person's phone call, but I am still happy in my life as it is now...Around me I hear about friends and cousins getting engaged, married, or finding that special person which of course leads to older relatives or people happily in relationships asking me when it will be my turn...When am I gonna settle down? Do I have a special guy in my life? Am I looking? Has anyone caught my eye? Doesn't it "suck" to have all my friends around me in serious relationships? Shouldn't I get a move on because I am getting too old? (based on my culture, I have passed my due date already) And so on...I think you catch the drift hahahahaha...Well, to be honest, it is not like I have been looking because I have been a little too busy trying to salvage whatever is left of my dream. I don't know when I am gonna settle down, whenever it happens it will happen. Nope, I have no special guy because I don't have time to find him or keep him in my life at the moment..I am too busy being too happy for my friends getting married hahahaha...I am not a person to be sad on behalf of my friend's happiness...I am 25 years old, not 50!!! so no, I am not too old hahahahaha...The only thing that sucks about being single while all friends are in relationships is the fact that I have to deal with all the questions...Stop looking at me with a sad face and ask if you can set me up!!!! I can set myself up thank you very much!! I am tired of how people, when single "love their freedom!", but as soon as their boyfriend/girlfriend/in between are in their lives they ADORE being in a relationship and cannot stop talking about how wonderful life is...HYPOCRITES!!! HAHAAHAHA....I honestly don't care if I am single or in a relationship. When I am in a relationship I do not act as if I am the only person on the planet with a boyfriend nor do I act as if I am the last single woman on the face of earth (don't really have to because people do it for me hahaha)..I enjoy my life as is...I always take one day at a time, not knowing where it will lead the next...Element of surprise is the best hahahahaha...yes S., I will find my own Ross hahaha...Until later all single people and couples out there, keep the love flowing...



  1. I'm afraid I've become one of those people you are tired of! Being single is fantastic, and you should enjoy it while it lasts, because one day you'll meet someone for life, and after a year or so, that butterfly feeling of meeting someone new will be gone forever. That said, when you're with the RIGHT person, being half of a couple is AMAZING and life changes completely. I'm sorry if I'm being too sugary, but it's just how I feel!

  2. FIND YOUR OWN ROSS!!! will he be your lobster? MUahahaha! ;)