Sunday, June 28, 2009

Pageant Misses

As I come home from a long walk under the sun, I am welcomed by the sound of Miss Lebanon 2009 competition. It brings back memories of when I was younger and aspired to become one of the, save the world, wish for world peace, constant smiling, white teeth, fake tanned, full on make up, girl...I think you get the picture. I would stand in front of the mirror and rehearse my answers of the many questions they might ask me. I would think about what songs to sing during the talent part, as my voice is the best artistic tool of mine and last but not least I would practice the famous acceptance wave with the hand :)...I wonder when I lost that desire to become one of the aspiring girls who want to save the world with beauty and brains. I guess it disappeared when I grew up and realized I do not want to stand in front of a group of judges and get graded on a scale of 1-10 points from head to toe. Unfortunately most of these pageant girls that get the attention are the ones with less intelligence. I don't remember hearing anything about the good work they accomplish as Miss (Country), Miss World, and Miss Universe. The only time we hear anything about these pageant girls is when they are involved in some sort of scandal, which is very sad because once they have won the crown their duty is to help their society. When I was younger Miss Sweden was a huge thing but lately it is not a big deal at all. They broadcast it at night and do not exactly promote it. I am proud to say that we have had Swedish women win the Miss Universe title, but that was years ago. I think it is odd considering the fact that the Swedish people are among the most beautiful in the world..Personal opinion hahahaha...

Anyways, my sister is sitting right here singing my head off and my mother is calling for Nala but she has renamed her to Lulu/Lucy and the likes...Not something I approve I need to wave you goodbye for now..Until later


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