Sunday, June 14, 2009

an ordinary day

There are socks all over the house...I have noticed Nala's love for taking my dad's socks off and running around the house hiding them...I have found them in my bed, under the bathtub, under the sofa cushion, in the kitchen..well, you catch the drift haha...It has been raining for TOO LONG now and I am looking forward some sunlight, if there will be any that is...lately I have had zero motivation which has led to me staying at home in my pj's all day long, except for when I take Nala for a walk...I have to decide if I want to try to find a way to financially be able to study in Los Angeles or if I should just stay in Sweden and try to make the best out of it...Ugh I don't know...I just don't think I am willing to give up on my dream..the future will unfold so we will see what is in the future for me...Until later

(When feeling low I listen to music and feel a little better, hope you like it too)


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