Saturday, June 20, 2009

My future hubby

Midsummer Eve has past and so my experiment is finished. I went out at 11 pm to pick wildflowers, in the pouring rain. I nicely placed the flowers under my pillow (they were in a bag) and fell asleep at 2 am. I had a disturbing night, kept waking up during the night and had several dreams....As soon as I woke up from a dream I made sure to remember what I dreamt. I can assure you that I saw no future husband. I remember a face but it was a face of a man who is in his sixties hahaha and as much as I say I like mature men, NOT THAT MATURE....My conclusion from this experiment is; The flowers under the pillow at Midsummer does NOT work..This is a conclusion based on my OWN experience...Unless I will end up alone hahaha...It was fun picking the flowers, in silence and pouring rain, with a dog wanting to go back in to the comfort of her bed...I might to it again next year, if I remember to do so that is I have to go take Nala out for a walk before she pees in the house and also since my AC adapter (the other I had in Sweden) broke, which is not my fault because someone thought it would be nice to add a energy saving button and caused a short circuit and sparks, my computer is running on low battery..So until later midsummer celebrators and the non midsummer celebrators


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