Thursday, June 18, 2009

Midsummer coming soon

So my little sister, D., is nagging me to post a new entry but I keep telling her that there is not so much I can write about if all I have been doing is spend time in my PJs at home...The only thing I have done today is ordering my pictures from the Honors Convocation Ceremony...I was supposed to attend a birthday dinner at a friend's house but I cannot go because I need go over to my cousin's house, it is her engagement pre-party...whole family is invited...Problem is, I have no quick way in telling my friend because I don't have a cell number yet and my msn icon seems to be missing...can anyone tell me how to get it back without having to install it? I just wanna say HAPPY BIRTHDAY IN ADVANCE S.M!!!!!!!!!!! I know it is June 21 (hopefully I am right hahahahaha) because it is the same day as Midsummer Eve, which is a big thing here in Sweden...I remembered when we were kids we would raise the pole and eat, sing and dance with flowers in our hair...It is a great tradition, as long as the weather is nice :) Also at Midsummer Eve, when going to sleep, it was/is a tradition for single women to pick 7 or 9 different kinds of flowers, alone and in silence, placing them under the pillow. By doing this it is said they will dream of their future husband..I might actually try that, just for kicks hahaha...I have always wondered if it actually works...I will let you know if it does, or if I even remember what I dreamt the next day...INTERESTING!!!! Until later darlings

(The pole is dressed and raised..looks like a fallic symbol...It was to impregnate the ground for good harvest)
(Women wearing traditional clothes dancing around the pole..the frog dance is one of the most popular dances during this holiday)
(Most girls wear the flower wreath to look pretty on this day)


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  1. OK I guess the friend is me :-D so you can't come on Sunday? write on my blog if you can't call or use msn! hugs