Monday, June 8, 2009

It's an obstacle, no wait..IT'S A WALL

So I went to the Financial aid office and found out how many weeks I have left for school...12 weeks left...Sure, that would be enough when starting Master's Program, or NOT!!!! Something does not want me to go back to LA, instead it wants me to be MISERABLE in beautiful Sweden..Oh well, that is life!! I look around and see all my friends with careers, successful personal lives, or continuing their education toward a career..I stop and think about my life...No personal life that is worth the name, no possibility for an education that I want and need, instead I have a BA in English Literature..WTF AM I GONNA DO WITH THAT EXCEPT WIPE MY ASS WITH IT!!!!! Sorry if I offended anyone but right now I am not the happiest person so I just write whatever is on my mind,since it's my blog and all...Anyways, I just wanted to tell all my friends; I am proud of you, keep doing what you do best!!! Until later you can listen to this song


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  1. SWEETIE don't bring yourself down things will get better!! There's a meaning for everything you'll see! I know everything seems dark right now - i've been there! But nothing says you cant go just have to figure out how! hugs Sascha