Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Humor or anger

Did anyone see MTV Movie Awards? Of course you guys did haha! I loved when "Bruno" came/flew in and landed on Eminem's face..I do not know if it was all set up from the beginning but MTV claim that it was all scripted. However, Eminem has not left any comments...if he was seriously pissed because of that stunt, he needs to take that stick out of his ass and beat his entourage with it because that reaction is ridiculous...If he was in on it I have to say, nice acting dude!!! I really loved this year's award :) It was funny when Kristin Stewart (Bella from Twilight) dropped the award and lauged at herself, that is the best way to deal with it hahaha...Well, I am gonna leave you with this song; Kings of Leon "Use Somebody", they preformed at the MTV Movie Awards...Until later music lovers


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