Thursday, June 4, 2009

Graduation time!!!!

Well, Eminem was in on the whole joke...that is a relief (for anyone who cares that is haha)..According to very accurate sources Cali weather is not that different from Swedish at the moment. Rain and about sucky summer!!! I hope it will pass soon so we can enjoy the beautiful sun :) Outside is the sound of music blasting!! It is graduation time here in Stockholm, and what happens is all High School graduates get in cars or trucks, blast music and drive around town!!! It is a great experience and I am sorry to say but in comparison to American High School graduations, Swedish is sooo much better...I would recommend tourists to visit Sweden during the beginning of June, all schools in Stockholm celebrate graduation...Everyday is a party...When I graduated it was a month of partying and teachers did not wanna assign much (or any) work during the last semester let alone the last month. All seniors throw their own parties (graduation parties), usually in groups. Me and my friends chose not to throw any parties but instead attended several others. The school throws a final graduation party, Gubbskivan. We also head out to the fountain near our school and jump (or thrown as in my case) in the water. The day of graduation we get up early, go to the park and have, what we call, champagne breakfast. This means we all bring a bottle of champagne each and all the seniors meet and sign each other's hats and drink the champagne (Yes we can drink in public). After, we head back to school and take class pictures. When all pictures are taken we go to the cafeteria, eat our lunch and head to the assembly hall. There we have entertainment hour, all classes choose how they want to perform. My class decided to have a final speech where our classmate spoke of our experience at High School. Other classes chose to sing, dance and other fun stuff. Finally it was time to get ready to meet our families. According to tradition all students wear all white (the guys usually wear suits, some black). We get ready to get out in front of the school, my school had stairs so we all stood on top of the stairs. Our families greeted us, shouting with special made posters with babypics on them. We had to learn to sing the graduation song which we all performed for our families and ended the song by running around the school yard. After coming back to the front of the school, we finished the song by throwing our hats in the air. When we located our hats we met up with our families, took pictures, accepted toys around our necks and so on...we headed to our trucks with our names and pictures on and began the drive around town....At home we all had receptions with friends and relatives. At night we could choose which party to go to at the clubs (there were several different parties the same night by students and the school). This is the short version of a Swedish High School tradition...Well, now this entry has gotten too long and I do not want to bore you so I will return to Grey's Anatomy and mother's super spicy pasta...btw I wanna apologize if there are any obvious misspellings but I am writing, watching TV and talking to my mom so not very attentive, also spell check seems to be broken hehe...until later lovelies
(The building in the background is actually my old High School but do not know who the girl is haha)


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