Friday, June 5, 2009

Downtown in rain..COLD!!

It was a long time ago since my hands were frozen and red, which they were after walking downtown with C. today. We met up to have lunch and catch up on what we have missed in each other's lives haha...On the way I met a childhood friend, or more accurately her brother who is my brother's childhood friend. He called out my name and introduced me to his half brother and I spoke with his dad, which I haven't done since like 3rd grade hahaha...I saw his sister, my childhood friend, when we were inside the coffee place. I have a lot of history with this girl. We were in the same class from 2nd grade to 6th grade and in the same school until we graduated. She was my frenemy...we did not like each other but still hung out a lot..she was not a "good girl" haha and her brother was not exactly known for being calm and good. Calling him a bad boy does not even cut it, he was worse but I guess it has changed. He looked really good today haha...anyways, I am listening to the Boss playing outside my home...the Boss, Bruce Springsteen, had a concert yesterday, today and will have a concert on Sunday. Usually when there are concerts playing at Stadion the music is really loud but for us to enjoy Bruce Springsteen's music we have to get out on the balcony and listen.

Now my sister came home and is trying to take over my computer. Anyway's, Eight Below is playing and I have only started this movie so I might as well finish it this time with no distractions here ehem...S. and H. you know what I am talking about :P haha...Until later darlings

(Isn't Paul Walker hot??!!!!)


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