Thursday, June 11, 2009

Chocolate cake day

Today me and my little sister, D. went to the mall close to our house. Right away my heel started hurting. I was wearing new shoes, and as I seem to forget time and time again, my feet are super sensitive and therefore getting blisters does not take long. Before we reached the mall I was bleeding. We bought 2 tops each and limped back home...When we came home I was in the mood of baking so I made chocolate cake, in swedish it is called Kladdkaka. This is one of the VERY few chocolate cakes I like...I am not a chocolate fan at all!!!! I know, I am a weird woman haha...anyways, this chocolate cake is soo good, it is crispy on top and chewy in the middle. You eat it with fruit, ice cream or cream...D. has been nagging to get a piece so I cut it up and of course she had a complaint. Well, little sister if you eat it before it has turned cold you cannot expect it to taste as good as it can get....I took pictures of the cake so you can see what it looks like...I have been eating so much since I got here and it is showing around the belly hahah..exercise is very needed...btw, I have a question to all you guys; do you know what the reason may be if my dog is afraid of going out. Every time we tell Nala to go out to pee, she hides her tail and starts shivering..she reluctantly follows and does her business quickly...If anyone might know why please let me know...Anyways, now I am gonna have dinner so I can enjoy a piece of cake with ice cream or fruit...until later darlings



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