Sunday, June 14, 2009

Big Bang

This is a song by Big Bang, the previous song I posted was sung by one of the band members...The intro is pretty long so be patient haha...My sister has been blasting this song since I landed in Sweden and it has grown on me...My sister is totally into anime, manga, japanese/korean and so on music...she has actually taught herself to understand and speak Japanese, German, English and sings along to Korean songs...all by herself..and she is only 13 years old...pretty cool!!! Can you tell I am a proud big sister :)

Another Big Bang thing I like is The Big Bang Theory..I have watched the show since the beginning and I love Leonard, Sheldon, Howard, Rajesh, and Penny...They make me miss Pasadena and Los Angeles every time but the relationship between all the characters is hilarious and provides great entertainment every it but I recommend you watch a couple of episodes before judging it hahaha...not all people are like me, fell in love with it right away...Well, I am gonna watch True Blood (season 2 has finally started YEAY)..Until later geeks :)

(Up: Leonard, Rajesh. Down: Howard, Sheldon, and Penny)


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