Sunday, June 28, 2009

Pageant Misses

As I come home from a long walk under the sun, I am welcomed by the sound of Miss Lebanon 2009 competition. It brings back memories of when I was younger and aspired to become one of the, save the world, wish for world peace, constant smiling, white teeth, fake tanned, full on make up, girl...I think you get the picture. I would stand in front of the mirror and rehearse my answers of the many questions they might ask me. I would think about what songs to sing during the talent part, as my voice is the best artistic tool of mine and last but not least I would practice the famous acceptance wave with the hand :)...I wonder when I lost that desire to become one of the aspiring girls who want to save the world with beauty and brains. I guess it disappeared when I grew up and realized I do not want to stand in front of a group of judges and get graded on a scale of 1-10 points from head to toe. Unfortunately most of these pageant girls that get the attention are the ones with less intelligence. I don't remember hearing anything about the good work they accomplish as Miss (Country), Miss World, and Miss Universe. The only time we hear anything about these pageant girls is when they are involved in some sort of scandal, which is very sad because once they have won the crown their duty is to help their society. When I was younger Miss Sweden was a huge thing but lately it is not a big deal at all. They broadcast it at night and do not exactly promote it. I am proud to say that we have had Swedish women win the Miss Universe title, but that was years ago. I think it is odd considering the fact that the Swedish people are among the most beautiful in the world..Personal opinion hahahaha...

Anyways, my sister is sitting right here singing my head off and my mother is calling for Nala but she has renamed her to Lulu/Lucy and the likes...Not something I approve I need to wave you goodbye for now..Until later


Saturday, June 27, 2009

R.I.P Michael Jackson

I'm back bitches!!! I have been without my computer for a looooong time and finally the AC adapter is functioning...The sun has been shining for a couple of days, which is very welcome after all the rain!! I went for a powerwalk with J. yesterday and today my butt is sore haha...After the walk I went with J. and her brother D. to a public pool...In Sweden public pools are not like the ones I have seen in LA, these pools are clean and since pools in the backyard is not as common as in LA all kinds of people are there..I did not swim but instead we spend hours tanning. The result is; my face and upper body are RED and itchy hahaha and the rest are a little tan...I have no clue why my body tans so uneven but I guess it may have to do with the fact that I was sitting, with the sun on my right side, playing cards with J. and D. Anyways, on to some less silly news...As most of you cannot have missed, Michael Jackson has passed away. It was not long ago we heard about his condition but I don't think anyone could have expected him to pass away. The last years of his life have been all about child molesting, surgery, poverty and other negative things however, this was going to change as he was about to start his last tour. It is bitter to know that he could not finish his amazing musical career as we all know he would, a loud bang! MJ has inspired many artists and will continue to inspire many more to come. He has broken boundaries within the entertainment business and set new goals for artists to reach. He used his gift and touched millions of hearts. Michael Jackson was, with no doubt, a music prodigy and will be remembered as the King of Pop! Rest in Peace Michael live on in your music....
(MJ wearing his famous glove and jacket :))

Now me and my sunburned face need to get dressed and head out to meet my dear friend M.

Until later


Saturday, June 20, 2009

My future hubby

Midsummer Eve has past and so my experiment is finished. I went out at 11 pm to pick wildflowers, in the pouring rain. I nicely placed the flowers under my pillow (they were in a bag) and fell asleep at 2 am. I had a disturbing night, kept waking up during the night and had several dreams....As soon as I woke up from a dream I made sure to remember what I dreamt. I can assure you that I saw no future husband. I remember a face but it was a face of a man who is in his sixties hahaha and as much as I say I like mature men, NOT THAT MATURE....My conclusion from this experiment is; The flowers under the pillow at Midsummer does NOT work..This is a conclusion based on my OWN experience...Unless I will end up alone hahaha...It was fun picking the flowers, in silence and pouring rain, with a dog wanting to go back in to the comfort of her bed...I might to it again next year, if I remember to do so that is I have to go take Nala out for a walk before she pees in the house and also since my AC adapter (the other I had in Sweden) broke, which is not my fault because someone thought it would be nice to add a energy saving button and caused a short circuit and sparks, my computer is running on low battery..So until later midsummer celebrators and the non midsummer celebrators


Thursday, June 18, 2009

Midsummer coming soon

So my little sister, D., is nagging me to post a new entry but I keep telling her that there is not so much I can write about if all I have been doing is spend time in my PJs at home...The only thing I have done today is ordering my pictures from the Honors Convocation Ceremony...I was supposed to attend a birthday dinner at a friend's house but I cannot go because I need go over to my cousin's house, it is her engagement pre-party...whole family is invited...Problem is, I have no quick way in telling my friend because I don't have a cell number yet and my msn icon seems to be missing...can anyone tell me how to get it back without having to install it? I just wanna say HAPPY BIRTHDAY IN ADVANCE S.M!!!!!!!!!!! I know it is June 21 (hopefully I am right hahahahaha) because it is the same day as Midsummer Eve, which is a big thing here in Sweden...I remembered when we were kids we would raise the pole and eat, sing and dance with flowers in our hair...It is a great tradition, as long as the weather is nice :) Also at Midsummer Eve, when going to sleep, it was/is a tradition for single women to pick 7 or 9 different kinds of flowers, alone and in silence, placing them under the pillow. By doing this it is said they will dream of their future husband..I might actually try that, just for kicks hahaha...I have always wondered if it actually works...I will let you know if it does, or if I even remember what I dreamt the next day...INTERESTING!!!! Until later darlings

(The pole is dressed and raised..looks like a fallic symbol...It was to impregnate the ground for good harvest)
(Women wearing traditional clothes dancing around the pole..the frog dance is one of the most popular dances during this holiday)
(Most girls wear the flower wreath to look pretty on this day)


Monday, June 15, 2009

single or taken

I really like this song...isn't romance wonderful :) I miss having the butterfly feeling in my stomach and looking at my phone, waiting for the special person's phone call, but I am still happy in my life as it is now...Around me I hear about friends and cousins getting engaged, married, or finding that special person which of course leads to older relatives or people happily in relationships asking me when it will be my turn...When am I gonna settle down? Do I have a special guy in my life? Am I looking? Has anyone caught my eye? Doesn't it "suck" to have all my friends around me in serious relationships? Shouldn't I get a move on because I am getting too old? (based on my culture, I have passed my due date already) And so on...I think you catch the drift hahahahaha...Well, to be honest, it is not like I have been looking because I have been a little too busy trying to salvage whatever is left of my dream. I don't know when I am gonna settle down, whenever it happens it will happen. Nope, I have no special guy because I don't have time to find him or keep him in my life at the moment..I am too busy being too happy for my friends getting married hahahaha...I am not a person to be sad on behalf of my friend's happiness...I am 25 years old, not 50!!! so no, I am not too old hahahahaha...The only thing that sucks about being single while all friends are in relationships is the fact that I have to deal with all the questions...Stop looking at me with a sad face and ask if you can set me up!!!! I can set myself up thank you very much!! I am tired of how people, when single "love their freedom!", but as soon as their boyfriend/girlfriend/in between are in their lives they ADORE being in a relationship and cannot stop talking about how wonderful life is...HYPOCRITES!!! HAHAAHAHA....I honestly don't care if I am single or in a relationship. When I am in a relationship I do not act as if I am the only person on the planet with a boyfriend nor do I act as if I am the last single woman on the face of earth (don't really have to because people do it for me hahaha)..I enjoy my life as is...I always take one day at a time, not knowing where it will lead the next...Element of surprise is the best hahahahaha...yes S., I will find my own Ross hahaha...Until later all single people and couples out there, keep the love flowing...


Sunday, June 14, 2009

Big Bang

This is a song by Big Bang, the previous song I posted was sung by one of the band members...The intro is pretty long so be patient haha...My sister has been blasting this song since I landed in Sweden and it has grown on me...My sister is totally into anime, manga, japanese/korean and so on music...she has actually taught herself to understand and speak Japanese, German, English and sings along to Korean songs...all by herself..and she is only 13 years old...pretty cool!!! Can you tell I am a proud big sister :)

Another Big Bang thing I like is The Big Bang Theory..I have watched the show since the beginning and I love Leonard, Sheldon, Howard, Rajesh, and Penny...They make me miss Pasadena and Los Angeles every time but the relationship between all the characters is hilarious and provides great entertainment every it but I recommend you watch a couple of episodes before judging it hahaha...not all people are like me, fell in love with it right away...Well, I am gonna watch True Blood (season 2 has finally started YEAY)..Until later geeks :)

(Up: Leonard, Rajesh. Down: Howard, Sheldon, and Penny)


New singer I like

Can anyone tell me which this song reminds you of? Either Chris Brown or Ne-Yo..My guess is Ne-yo but I can't think of which song...The singer is good! Not to offend anyone, but it is surprising hahahhahahahaha....right now my sister is yelling at me, claiming I am rude writing that it is surprising...The only reason is because I have not listened to South Korean singers..guess what sister, I admit that I have not listened but I will not deny the fact that I like it...I am open to any form of music....I hope you guys like it..Until later darlings


an ordinary day

There are socks all over the house...I have noticed Nala's love for taking my dad's socks off and running around the house hiding them...I have found them in my bed, under the bathtub, under the sofa cushion, in the kitchen..well, you catch the drift haha...It has been raining for TOO LONG now and I am looking forward some sunlight, if there will be any that is...lately I have had zero motivation which has led to me staying at home in my pj's all day long, except for when I take Nala for a walk...I have to decide if I want to try to find a way to financially be able to study in Los Angeles or if I should just stay in Sweden and try to make the best out of it...Ugh I don't know...I just don't think I am willing to give up on my dream..the future will unfold so we will see what is in the future for me...Until later

(When feeling low I listen to music and feel a little better, hope you like it too)


Thursday, June 11, 2009

Chocolate cake day

Today me and my little sister, D. went to the mall close to our house. Right away my heel started hurting. I was wearing new shoes, and as I seem to forget time and time again, my feet are super sensitive and therefore getting blisters does not take long. Before we reached the mall I was bleeding. We bought 2 tops each and limped back home...When we came home I was in the mood of baking so I made chocolate cake, in swedish it is called Kladdkaka. This is one of the VERY few chocolate cakes I like...I am not a chocolate fan at all!!!! I know, I am a weird woman haha...anyways, this chocolate cake is soo good, it is crispy on top and chewy in the middle. You eat it with fruit, ice cream or cream...D. has been nagging to get a piece so I cut it up and of course she had a complaint. Well, little sister if you eat it before it has turned cold you cannot expect it to taste as good as it can get....I took pictures of the cake so you can see what it looks like...I have been eating so much since I got here and it is showing around the belly hahah..exercise is very needed...btw, I have a question to all you guys; do you know what the reason may be if my dog is afraid of going out. Every time we tell Nala to go out to pee, she hides her tail and starts shivering..she reluctantly follows and does her business quickly...If anyone might know why please let me know...Anyways, now I am gonna have dinner so I can enjoy a piece of cake with ice cream or fruit...until later darlings



Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Monday, June 8, 2009

It's an obstacle, no wait..IT'S A WALL

So I went to the Financial aid office and found out how many weeks I have left for school...12 weeks left...Sure, that would be enough when starting Master's Program, or NOT!!!! Something does not want me to go back to LA, instead it wants me to be MISERABLE in beautiful Sweden..Oh well, that is life!! I look around and see all my friends with careers, successful personal lives, or continuing their education toward a career..I stop and think about my life...No personal life that is worth the name, no possibility for an education that I want and need, instead I have a BA in English Literature..WTF AM I GONNA DO WITH THAT EXCEPT WIPE MY ASS WITH IT!!!!! Sorry if I offended anyone but right now I am not the happiest person so I just write whatever is on my mind,since it's my blog and all...Anyways, I just wanted to tell all my friends; I am proud of you, keep doing what you do best!!! Until later you can listen to this song


Saturday, June 6, 2009


I don't have much to say but check this out!!! I am totally in love with this bug haha..It always puts a smile on my face..
Thank you H. for sending it to me :) My mom and sister love it too haha

Until later darlings


Friday, June 5, 2009

Downtown in rain..COLD!!

It was a long time ago since my hands were frozen and red, which they were after walking downtown with C. today. We met up to have lunch and catch up on what we have missed in each other's lives haha...On the way I met a childhood friend, or more accurately her brother who is my brother's childhood friend. He called out my name and introduced me to his half brother and I spoke with his dad, which I haven't done since like 3rd grade hahaha...I saw his sister, my childhood friend, when we were inside the coffee place. I have a lot of history with this girl. We were in the same class from 2nd grade to 6th grade and in the same school until we graduated. She was my frenemy...we did not like each other but still hung out a lot..she was not a "good girl" haha and her brother was not exactly known for being calm and good. Calling him a bad boy does not even cut it, he was worse but I guess it has changed. He looked really good today haha...anyways, I am listening to the Boss playing outside my home...the Boss, Bruce Springsteen, had a concert yesterday, today and will have a concert on Sunday. Usually when there are concerts playing at Stadion the music is really loud but for us to enjoy Bruce Springsteen's music we have to get out on the balcony and listen.

Now my sister came home and is trying to take over my computer. Anyway's, Eight Below is playing and I have only started this movie so I might as well finish it this time with no distractions here ehem...S. and H. you know what I am talking about :P haha...Until later darlings

(Isn't Paul Walker hot??!!!!)


Thursday, June 4, 2009

Graduation time!!!!

Well, Eminem was in on the whole joke...that is a relief (for anyone who cares that is haha)..According to very accurate sources Cali weather is not that different from Swedish at the moment. Rain and about sucky summer!!! I hope it will pass soon so we can enjoy the beautiful sun :) Outside is the sound of music blasting!! It is graduation time here in Stockholm, and what happens is all High School graduates get in cars or trucks, blast music and drive around town!!! It is a great experience and I am sorry to say but in comparison to American High School graduations, Swedish is sooo much better...I would recommend tourists to visit Sweden during the beginning of June, all schools in Stockholm celebrate graduation...Everyday is a party...When I graduated it was a month of partying and teachers did not wanna assign much (or any) work during the last semester let alone the last month. All seniors throw their own parties (graduation parties), usually in groups. Me and my friends chose not to throw any parties but instead attended several others. The school throws a final graduation party, Gubbskivan. We also head out to the fountain near our school and jump (or thrown as in my case) in the water. The day of graduation we get up early, go to the park and have, what we call, champagne breakfast. This means we all bring a bottle of champagne each and all the seniors meet and sign each other's hats and drink the champagne (Yes we can drink in public). After, we head back to school and take class pictures. When all pictures are taken we go to the cafeteria, eat our lunch and head to the assembly hall. There we have entertainment hour, all classes choose how they want to perform. My class decided to have a final speech where our classmate spoke of our experience at High School. Other classes chose to sing, dance and other fun stuff. Finally it was time to get ready to meet our families. According to tradition all students wear all white (the guys usually wear suits, some black). We get ready to get out in front of the school, my school had stairs so we all stood on top of the stairs. Our families greeted us, shouting with special made posters with babypics on them. We had to learn to sing the graduation song which we all performed for our families and ended the song by running around the school yard. After coming back to the front of the school, we finished the song by throwing our hats in the air. When we located our hats we met up with our families, took pictures, accepted toys around our necks and so on...we headed to our trucks with our names and pictures on and began the drive around town....At home we all had receptions with friends and relatives. At night we could choose which party to go to at the clubs (there were several different parties the same night by students and the school). This is the short version of a Swedish High School tradition...Well, now this entry has gotten too long and I do not want to bore you so I will return to Grey's Anatomy and mother's super spicy pasta...btw I wanna apologize if there are any obvious misspellings but I am writing, watching TV and talking to my mom so not very attentive, also spell check seems to be broken hehe...until later lovelies
(The building in the background is actually my old High School but do not know who the girl is haha)


Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Humor or anger

Did anyone see MTV Movie Awards? Of course you guys did haha! I loved when "Bruno" came/flew in and landed on Eminem's face..I do not know if it was all set up from the beginning but MTV claim that it was all scripted. However, Eminem has not left any comments...if he was seriously pissed because of that stunt, he needs to take that stick out of his ass and beat his entourage with it because that reaction is ridiculous...If he was in on it I have to say, nice acting dude!!! I really loved this year's award :) It was funny when Kristin Stewart (Bella from Twilight) dropped the award and lauged at herself, that is the best way to deal with it hahaha...Well, I am gonna leave you with this song; Kings of Leon "Use Somebody", they preformed at the MTV Movie Awards...Until later music lovers


Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I wonder...

I have been following the news all day and the missing airplane, Air France 477, is still missing. Because of bad weather it is hard to perform any kind of search. I sincerely hope they find survivors soon, Brazil said that there was no need to lose hope in finding survivors so let us hope they are right...
A totally different subject; Hell's Kitchen..All I can say is; DAMN!!!!!!!! Ramsey is a freaking mad man but like Simon Cowell he knows what he is talking about. I am watching an old season and he just kicked one of the contestants out during dinner, not even elimination time..The people dealing with him are strong because if I was in their shoes I would either cry or punch him in the face...neither good choices haha...
I feel restless just sitting, like I have been doing since I graduated and I can tell my mom is getting annoyed of the fact that I am not doing anything right now. I am looking for jobs while not knowing what will happen in the near future..I do not know if I am returning to the States for a Master's Program or if I am staying here...It will all entail soon I guess or should say hope...Well, I need to get going because a new episode of Hell's Kitchen has begun...until later dearest


Monday, June 1, 2009

Airplane gone missing

Scary news about an Air France plane, with 228 people, that has gone missing. They do not know where the plane is, only that it left Brazil and 3 hours later there was a message about electrical malfunction and after that all contact has been lost...let us hope for the best....I flew with Air France when I came back to Sweden and it was a scary flight. The turbulence was crazy and there were moments I thought we were not going to make it...It is unbelievable to read all these things about flights in our time..small mistakes in an airplane can be fatal...These news do not make me feel any better when it come to my fear of flying. It is kind of interesting when I think back to when I was a kid. I used to love to travel and fly every where but now it just causes anxiety...I wonder if I will ever love flying again but I know that as long as I hear about flights like this it will be really hard to overcome my fear...My thoughts and prayers are with the people on the flight and their families...until later


Romantic song

Such a sweet summer song by Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat....Lucky

Hope this will make you feel like summer and remember the feeling of new found love....enjoy all my sweeties out there