Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Rude Ignorant people!!

It is 6 am here in Sweden and I am still suffering from jetlag...I can't remember the last time I was tired at 9 pm but lately I have been falling asleep around 9 or 10 pm while my 13 year old sister is wide awake watching TV next to me haha...I feel old :)
Yesterday was very productive I must say. Me and J. went for a walk but not where I expected..We ended up walking downtown and trying on dresses for her wedding (me that is) which took about an hour. I came back home and ate (again!!) waiting for my mom to get ready so we could go downtown and purchase all the lovely clothes I saw with J. We went in to a store to find cute summer dresses, as it is very needed in cloudy Sweden, and ended up finding the dress for the wedding...yeay, now that is no longer a concern!!! The woman working in the shop was sooo freaking rude!!! I was trying on the dress and when I was done I tried to put it back on the hanger but the straps are really complicated so it fell. I was just about to pick it up when I see a hand under the curtain of the dressing room swipe it away while a voice yelled out: "The dress cannot be on the floor!!!!!.....Bitch I am buying this dress, if I stand on it you can't say shit!! So I walk out with garments in my hand and both sales people are standing right outside and one of the girls say "I'll take those!" I am starting to get really pissed and start shaking so I hold on to the stuff and with a very rude tone (I know I am dangerous haha) I say to her "I AM BUYING THIS!!! AND THE DRESS!!!"...she looks shocked and says "oh, are you? ok then, sorry"....So as I am explaining the situation to my mother (very loudly I might add) I can feel the uncomfort oozing out of these women...This type of shop/mini mall is high class and I assume they thought I don't look like I live in this area so they tried to pull a "Pretty Woman shopping but getting denied" stunt on me!! Well, I showed them..they looked like idiots when we bought the stuff...and while my mom was saying their stuff is really cheap, not expensive at all (which is a slap to their face)!!! hahaha...I kept saying "too bad they have cute things but stupid sales people who don't know how to be civil"...Their behavior really bothered me because I have worked as a sales woman and NEVER judged customers by their looks!!! These women, I can guarantee do not live in this area, whilst I grew up here, so who the hell are they to look down on me?!! It is people like these that motivate me to become someone very important, just to be able to say "at least I did something with my life instead of being occupied with putting my nose in the air and frowning upon people"..Interesting thing that happened in the same mall but different shop years ago caused drama in my family as well as J's family. My brother and J's brother were shopping for their graduation in one of the shops where our parents were regulars (Massimo Dutti)..They came back pissed off!! My mom asks my brother why they didn't buy anything and he explains that as soon as they walked in the store one sales lady saw them and kept following them around in the shop as if they were thieves. They felt really uncomfortable (trust me it takes a lot to make these two guys feel that way) so they choose to leave...J's sister heard the story and being the fierce person she is, she marched down there with my mother, extremely fierce woman, and "spoke" with this woman. They both speak with a clear Swedish accent but lack the looks of a Swede (blame it on the Middle Eastern background haha), so they literally made the sales woman cry right on the spot. I really can't bare it when people start crying if I am yelling at them but people like that woman deserve it!! I am born and raised in Sweden, this is the place I call home, I have never lived anywhere else, except from America, nor have I have ever been to my dad's birthplace!! Just because I do not look like a Swedish person does not make me less of a Swede...When I travel I speak highly of my country and very proudly only to come back so I can be treated like shit based on my looks...But I can say this, dealing with stuff like this my whole life has made me stronger, forgiving, and most importantly given me motivation to do great things! Anyways, we continued our shopping and I got a new wardrobe hahaha so I need to add some shoes and a couple of other things before it is done
(Here is the mall, one of the shopping centers downtown...Downtown is filled with shops and different department stores. You can't see the name clearly but it is called Sture Gallerian)

I need to call S. and chat a little before anyone wakes up :) oops too mom woke up and so did Nala, who loooooves my mom (and the rest of the family as well of course)!!! Also, thank you to Riff Dog..I am trying to keep a positive attitude and keep hoping for a return to beloved LA...Until later lovelies


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