Friday, May 29, 2009

more sad news..only sad news

I just wanted to say thanks to all my friends that are helping me through this difficult time...I do not know what my next move will be but I know that I will not give up on my dream I have had since the age of 8. I refuse...I feel I am going through the same thing that happened to me right after high school simply because I was stupid enough to depend on one school...Many of you might have guessed, I did not get accepted to Southwesternn Law School. It is interesting considering the fact that I have a much higher GPA than what they require...then again they claim the reason I did not get accepted was because the number of applicants were too high...I only applied to this god forsaken school so I would not have to sit at home and do nothing. Never assume anything!!! This is one of the easiest schools to get accepted to but because of the crappy economy they are not admitting as many and cutting back on teachers...competition was high I presume..Either way, I was planning on attending this school for 1 year and transfer out to the school of my choice, Loyola Law School. Now I am looking in to some grad programs at CSUN, USC, Pepperdine and so on, just so I can return to LA and my hard yet wanted life. Many ask why I want to leave the comfort of my home here in Sweden but the fact of the matter is that I built my own life there, no one did it for me. Everything I do there is because I choose it, nothing is chosen for me...
Another choice is that I might have look for a job here and work on my applications for other Law Schools but I have to retake the LSAT because to be honest my score SUCKED.....Bad thing is that they do not offer the LSAT in Sweden so I have to go to either England or Italy (closest to Sweden and countries where I know people) in order for me to retake it...Imagine if I have to retake it more than once!!! OMG, my parents will flip on me....They are already freaking out as it is....I will miss my beloved LA dearly and all my friends there...I cannot wait for this HORRIBLE year to pass and hopefully 2010 will bring better news and luck...the girls are checking everything they can and I am looking online for anything that might be helpful...
Well, it is Friday here in Sweden and that means cleaning day for mum haha...think I need to help or get my head chopped off (it's Sophie's choice all over again haha)

(My beloved, it looks horrible hahaha but I still love it :) )

Until later darlings


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  1. Dont' worry lassie! thou shall cometh backeth eyy ;) haha no no jokes aside...S. is working her butt off and you will come back very soon! love S.