Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Back to Sweden

Ok, so now I am back in Sweden. I wish I could say I am happy but not really...I did not choose to come back but was kind of forced to return...After getting my denial letter from USCIS, I had to retun immediately. I attended the Honors Convocation two days before I had to leave. I cannot say how much I cried for days before, on the flight (while fearing for my life FYI), and after landing. I literally had to keep reminding myself to hold it in so my parents would not feel bad. First couple of days I just I have been spending some time with J. and listening to the wedding plans (her wedding day is July 11th)...I am going nuts finding a dress to wear for the wedding, I want it to be simple but also stand out because she is so close to me, like a sister. We went to get her wedding dress and I just have one word; PERFECT!!! It is sooooo wonderful and she is going to be a beautiful bride!!! I am actually going to call her now so we can go for a walk because the dress is a little tight on her...not that we could see anything, it was just what she felt..Well, I have to get ready because J. is getting ready for our walk so I don't want her waiting for my slow arse hahahah...until later lovelies


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  1. Well, at least it's a nice time to be in Sweden. I hope things work out so you can make it back.