Monday, April 20, 2009

Wonderful day

Phew, today was busy...It was the Orthodox Easter today, me and S. were very busy..We woke up (too late to go to service because someone decided to call me at 5 am so I could not go to sleep until 6 am) I got all dolled up as my mother taught me to always look my best during Easter. I did last minute fixer upper in the apartment before finally heading out. I spoke with my family, made me realize how much I really miss them. Me and S. went to a nearby church, Armenian Orthodox, but a wedding was about to take place..Why would you get married during Easter and on a Sunday?? Anyways, so we headed to the Greek Orthodox church. Next to the church there was a tent and a bunch of people were having a huge party. Me and S. go around to see if the church is open and 3 people sit on the steps. S. asks them if they know if the church is open and they tell us to just try to open the doors. They were locked but the guys told us that the priests were at the party and that we should go look for them. I told S. not to bother them just so we can sit in church, instead I said a quick prayer and walked to the car. We went to buy wine and stuff from Trader Joe's and Food For Less before heading home. We picked up blueberries and I told S. that the ones we picked were not good but she insisted that they were. Well, let me tell you: THEY WERE NASTY!!!! Anyways, I was wearing heels causing me to have huge blisters on my feet. Needless to say that as soon as I walked in to the apartment those shoes were off. S. started cooking while I made Blueberry pie and fixed the decor. H. called her friend N. and he came over to have dinner with us. He had never really celebrated Easter so this was a new experience for him. We had a blast and everyone ate so much they could barely move..Success!! A. came after work and ate, celebrating with us..We all just sat and talked before our guests left. Now I am just sitting, in a food coma, glad for a wonderful day yet sad that it had to end...Tomorrow I will go with A. to her job and wait 6 hours so we can paint after hours..I am probably taking Nala with me to work because otherwise she is gonna be home alone for several hours...Now I need to put some stuff away but I want to watch a movie before going to sleep..Until later sweethearts



  1. The Armenian Church is not is an Apostolic Oriental Church hence the day you went to visit the church it was not Easter...and a wedding was allowed to take place...Armenians celebrate Easter with the Western Church...

  2. anonymous: Thank you for your correction!! It wasn't so much a shocker that it took place during Easter as I thought it was "odd" it happened on a Sunday, considering people go to work on Monday...But I stand corrected and now I have learned something new...thank you kind person :)