Friday, April 10, 2009

So sorry...

Sorry I have been really bad at updating the blog...I have been busy following the show True Blood, pretty cool vampire show starring Anna Paquin amongst others. I am proud to say we have a Swedish actor in the cast, Alexander SkarsgÄrd. Used to star in Swedish soap operas and various movies but is now Eric, Vampire Sheriff. It is a pretty cool show so far with lots of blood and sex. I recommend you to check it out :)

Yesterday me and S. headed to Santa Monica to visit A at her job. She works at a Pearl shop on the Promenade. This boutique has just opened up and it is run by two men living in Hawaii. One of them is from Alabama originally and the other is from Ohio but they have lived in Hawaii for several years now. I met William, the one from Alabama, and he is really laid back. The shop was really nice even though it is in the beginning stage. They are still stocking up on their jewelry and remodeling. I was given a quick lesson about pearls so I can say I know a lot about the making of a pearl haha... Me and S. spend the day walking around the shops. If you have never been to Los Angeles I would definitely recommend visiting the Promenade as it is filled with people and entertainment on the street as well as close to famous Venice Beach. I have to say that as soon as we set foot on the street we ran into several Swedes as most of them are students at Santa Monica College.

On Wednesday A., came here and took me and S. to Burbank where we ate and then headed to beloved and missed Swedish IKEA...I told A., which sweets to buy..We stacked up as if we would never go back there. I have missed Swedish sweets as it is, according to me, the best sweets in the world!!! If you ever find your way to Europe a stop in our Northern land is a must. Sweden should be visited at least once in your lifetime haha...I sound like the spokesperson of Sweden...I promise I do not get paid to say this!! haha... Unfortunately the merchandise (edible ones) at IKEA are not exactly like in Sweden, but it is close. The candy in Sweden is the best candy anywhere and if you don't believe me then I beg you to visit it and try our candy.. YUM!!!
(Very small selection of candy)

Anyways, we are getting ready to go see a play with H's friend R. at his church. I think the play is called Passion of the Christ but not entirely sure...Until later darlings

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