Thursday, April 16, 2009


It is 4.40 am and I cannot fall asleep. I am exhausted but I just can't seem to fall asleep. I am searching the web for something to entertain me but I have watched all the latest episodes of all the shows I am following at the moment....I laughed my ass off at the gag reel on Friends, season 10 and now I am like a zombie...I want to soon as I close my eyes my mind starts drifting away...Where do all these thoughts come from? Why at night? I let my guard down and the feelings just come rushing and thoughts start swirling in my mind, they are's of my past, my family, friends and former crushes..I think of now, my super high phone bill, the loneliness I feel at times, the uncertainty of what will happen...I start thinking of what my future may look like...Nala gives out a cry...she is cold and wants to lie under my covers..I let her..the warmth from her body oozes and I no longer feel the cold winds come in through my window....I start drifting away to dreamland and all of the sudden BAM!!!...someone shuts their door with so much force I thought it was a gun...The thoughts come back and I cannot fall asleep...Just shut them out! Don't let the thoughts of ____ get to you...Count sheep...It doesn't work...I get up, turn on my computer and stare at my screen..It takes forever for it to start...damn Dell!!...I yawn but my eyes are wide body is crying for rest yet my mind wants to what? I have nothing to do..let me write it out and maybe then the thoughts will stop haunting me...please let me sleep a whole night without any interruptions....I am so tired..I just want to sleep...Until later sleepyheads


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