Monday, April 6, 2009


I was going over some pictures that I had taken for an art class of my sister. They are in black and white. They were taken years ago, I think she was about 2 or 3 years old. There is one picture that struck my heart the most, it is of my little sister following my brother and her hand is in the air, this is how I know she was most likely talking too much, sending my brother out of his room in order to get away from her hahaha. She is known for talking all the time :)...Good times for all of us, too bad they are in the past....Family members are the most important to treasure, they will always be there as long as you let them. As I was growing up I could not wait to leave my family but today I know better, nothing compares to my family of Dad A., Mom S., Big Brother S., Little Sister D., and of course Nala. When wanting to leave your family think about the people that are not blessed with good family or any family at all. Do not take the people around you for granted because they might be gone before you know it....
(My brother, S., walking out of his room, with the tail, D., right behind him hahaha I miss my family!!) Until later sweethearts..


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