Saturday, April 18, 2009

Scary Neighborhood

As I was watching an 80's movie I started hearing yelling and slamming...I thought; oh great, Andrew and Angela are at it again..But I was wrong. It is the same building but not them...I looked out while S. was smoking and saw a man without a shirt standing by his car, yelling "fuck the poor or fuck the whore/hoe"..not really sure...Since he couldn't get inside the building he jumped the oh so high gate (sarcasm) on the side and ran while yelling fuck the poor/whore...It got silent when we could no longer see him..I went back to my room to finish my movie when all of the sudden I hear "GET OUT OF MY HOUSE" along with women yelling. S. decides to call the cops and the officer hears the people yell through the phone...The yelling goes on and slamming of doors are heard...We hear women yell "get off him" and "stop it!"..It was easy to tell there was a fight..I think I just heard the cops arrive, 15 mins later...It has settled down now but funny thing is, Andrew is sitting on his balcony smoking up while Angela is inside asking him what is going on..I guess they are happy they are not in trouble tonight...
Well, the girls have gone to sleep and I have decided to NEVER take Nala out for a walk at night in this neighborhood ever again...This is scary stuff....Now I am gonna go to sleep and tomorrow I have some stuff to take care of..Until later dreamers


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