Saturday, April 11, 2009

Passion of the Christ

The play was a musical version of Passion of the Christ. I was blown away by the acting and voices of the cast. It was all very well done and before the musical started the assisting pastor had us all join in prayer, which is new to me as I have never been to a sermon in America, even though I come from a deeply religious family...Anyways when the musical was over I had chills all over my body from the experience and then the Pastor of that church also prayed before letting us all go. He said that this musical was not for any kind of entertaining purpose but it was to bring any non believers to the light and to Jesus...interesting...Even though I believe in Christ and am a hardcore Christian, I still think that this musical was very entertaining with all the music and excellent singers. What is so wrong with having entertainment in our lives?? On Sunday they are having Easter Sunday sermon and S. kept promoting their event (she had their pamphlet)..She was just joking though because our Easter is not until next Sunday (April 19th)...I am Christian Orthodox, Syriac. This means our Easter falls on a different date than other Christians.
It is interesting how I was born and raised in Sweden, a very liberal country, by very strict parents. I guess that is why I have an open mind for almost all things (can't say all because there might be something out there I might not agree with and I just don't know it yet) yet very strong faith...ok, I will not start preaching haha but I will go to sleep and see what tomorrow might bring...until later beloved readers


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