Friday, April 17, 2009


The girls came home and we got ready to leave the house when I open the door. The floor was painted. I tell the girls and oh so smart S. steps outside and I tell her to get back. She got paint on her soles..She got pissed and I don't think the fact that I told her "I told you not to step outside" helped...I started cursing because I had an appointment to go to and no one had told us the freaking floor was being painted meaning WE CANNOT LEAVE THE HOUSE!!! So H. decides to step outside getting paint on her soles. Now the two idiots are standing on the threshold not allowed to step in the house and not willing to step outside. H. accidentally steps on S's shoe making S. shout "NOOOOOO"....The top of her brown shoe (leather and suede) got a dash of paint on it. I yell at them not to step inside while running to get tissue to wipe the paint...After the paint dried on their shoes we all put on shoes we don't care for and left...Our footprints are now visible in the paint hahah...We get to the stairwell and the painters were "kind enough" to leave a patch unpainted...Thanks for nothing!!! Our building is starting to look like all dogs in the complex gathered and pooped all over...It is an ugly brown color and beige...It looks soo weird in contrast to the neighborhood..I mean, I understand they want to fix the place up but come on! Poop brown? They couldn't think of ANY other color???

we got home I saw a dog I have seen before and the poor thing looks sooo abused....It is a chihuahua but it's half Nala's size and it's claws are super long...I see it standing by itself on the other side of the building, waiting by the door...I approach it and it starts shaking and tries to hide. On its collar there are bells (like the ones cat owners have on their cats)..What the fruit are the owners thinking?! The poor thing was just standing by the door...I see the owners and try to get their attention but I could have might as well been speaking Urdu because they did not react at all....When I opened the door they were walking down the stairs (mother and daughter) and the mother says "oh, (the dog's name), you wanted to come with us?" NO SHIT!!! THE POOR THING WAS STANDING BY THE DOOR BY ITSELF!!! No, you see the dog just wanted to guard the door so your fat ass will be safe!! Dumbass!!! I am so pissed at this woman because she is typical white trash (excuse my lingo)..The other month she had a party, I thought college students lived there, but no it is her and her very young daughter (as far as I know) and they were playing really loud House music *cringe*..Also, I once saw the dog locked out on the balcony and it looked like it was in pain...Mother fudge cake!! Now she is moving, to the apartment where Basham lived...UGH...why not just leave the building all together???

When I got home me and S. watched a couple of episodes of Friends. I kept contemplating if I should call animal rescue but I didn't think they would do much..I decided to cook and after eating I rested for a while before I finished cleaning the kitchen...I think I am ready to become a housewife now.. Anyone interested? haha just kidding...Well, I am gonna clean the floor and tomorrow I will bake and do laundry...I don't know what to bake for Sunday...Any suggestions?A., told me I might be able to help out her and her boss in the shop, painting the walls...yeay, I love painting!! It will be fun!! Now I am gonna take Nala out and throw away this garbage that smells like...well garbage...Until later lovelies

(Me on Monday!!)


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