Thursday, April 23, 2009


I don't know what is wrong with me..I have no motivation to go to the gym at all! I wanted to head down to the pool but of course the weather was not as beautiful as it has been the PAST week, so my exercise of the day is the gym..I want to cheat so bad but after thinking about it, no one is making me so if I cheat then I only cheat myself...will make me feel like shit...OK, fine I'll go to the gym!!!!! Get off my back!!!

Today, Me and S. finally made it to church, it was so serene to sit there with no one talking (when S. would actually shut up that is) and not have any thoughts in my head at all. My brain actually took a break!! I don't know why I have not been sleeping well in quite some time but hopefully that will change soon. I spoke with A. today and it looks like her sister is getting hitched in Vegas this weekend...A. planned the whole thing..The saddest part of this whole ordeal is that the groom's parents cannot attend the wedding because his dad has heart issues and cannot travel. I mean, I understand it it supposed to be the girl's day but at the end of the day, don't you want your future husband's parents there as well. He is the one paying for it, so having his parents attending the wedding is something I think would be obvious...Oh I don't know, guess people think very different from me...Glad I am not part of that, only causes headache, just ask A! She knows...
H. and S. got me hooked on this thing called sign up and add the toolbar and as soon as you are bored with nothing to do you just click the stumble button and it gives you websites it thinks you might like (you choose interests while setting up)....If you like the website you click I like button and perhaps send the link to a friend who is also a member, or if it is something you don't like you click the thumbs down button....It is interesting and ADDICTING!!! No more bored days, except when you are tired of your computer that is....Ok, I think it is time to cut Nala's nails and get ready for the gym!!! Until later lovelies

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