Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Darkness...and then there was light!

Wonderful people, since 2 am, March 31st, we have been without electricity. I went to bed looked at my digital clock and it was black, I look outside my window and it was black. I plug my charger in the phone and...nothing...We are officially out of electricity around the whole neighborhood. I woke up hoping everything would be ok but nothing. No lights in the bathroom, refrigerator and freezer are not functioning, Internet and TV are off. I live in the old age where candles were the only light in the dark. I fear of going to the bathroom to pee because I cannot pee with the door open and closing the door, the bathroom is pitch black! I have to admit that still at the age of 25 I have an issue with the dark. In my bathroom the whole wall is a huge mirror, avoiding to look at the mirror I do my business as quickly as possible. I stay on the balcony trying to keep myself occupied. I start getting hungry and there is nothing I can eat except for bananas and oranges. I still my hunger for a while with the fruit. What is taking them so long?!! It is now 5 pm and still no progress. They have been working since 2 am but cannot figure out what is wrong...I look for any candles we might have, WHERE ARE ALL MY CANDLES??? I found 3 candles, one which is not really supposed to be lit but I was in need..I fill the tub with water and some Japanese thing called Sake Bath made by Fresh, to sooth my restless body. I put the candles next to me and keep the door open, making sure it is not too dark. I sit in the bath for the first time in over 3 years and sigh. I give into thoughts and serenity. I enjoy this soothing bath before getting up to wait for power to be turned back on. I text S. to figure out what to eat now that we have no means to heat any food. What is that?! Sound of my answering machine turning back on, refrigerator starts making noise again and neighbors cheering!!! I jump up and down happy I have power again only to find Nala staring at me like I lost it. I text S. telling her we have power and after being happy I had power again for 30 seconds it was lost, again! I text S. saying never mind, we lost power again...It was getting frustrating so I chose to write this in my notepad as fast as I could to save battery and there it was again. My screen lit up, answering machine turned back on, noises everywhere but no cheering. I guess we are to scared to cheer in case we lose the power again. Now I am waiting for S. and H. to come home from school so we can eat because I AM STARVING!!! People, never take your electricity for granted because in today's society we depend on it too much, maybe too much!! Until next time darkness...


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