Friday, April 17, 2009

Angelina Jolie hype..why?

What is up with Angelina Jolie and company? I mean every day there is something new about her...She has a started a trend, adoption for fun, and is on the cover of tabloids in America all the time...First I hear she has lost so much weight that she fainted on the set of Salt, which I thought was produced by Brad Pitt but I must be mistaken because tabloids claim they spend no time together. After the infamous fight they had because of the friendly pat Brad gave their nanny they reported Brad left the house...Now I read she is yet again preggers with baby number 7 while thinking of adopting YET another baby...You know how many fear overpopulation and some actually say instead of making babies you should just adopt..well, just a warning, if you are looking to adopt you should hurry up before they all end up in the Brangelina household...Ugh, is it just me or is anyone else tired of this couple?? Funny thing is I am so tired of them yet here I am discussing it on my blog...GOOD JOB DUMBASS!! (Brangelina with a cpl of the kids)
Oh well that has been on my mind since yesterday....I am looking forward to tomorrow where I have an appointment with something called electrolysis..I will not however share where I am getting my treatment haha..little privacy is valued as you can guess by now...After that it is cleaning and laundry time and that includes cleaning my computer...hope I won't lose anything..On Saturday I am baking my cinnamon buns and dying eggs for my Easter...On Sunday I am gonna try to figure out which church to go to and then we are cooking and perhaps expect company ehem...well for now I am gonna go to sleep so I won't stay up til 6 am like last night....Until later sweeties


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  1. I like them. I like her. I want to adopt and she inspires me. Sure beats the celebs that give birth every year just to treat their babies like accessories. We celebrate easter this sunday too!