Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Mexico, USA, Europe and so on...the swine flu does not discriminate...It is scary to hear about what is going on in the world. Many regulations about what to do in order to avoid being affected by the flu. S. went to Blockbuster to rent a movie and almost all DVD's were out because people are stocking up. People are afraid of going out, they avoid public places especially crowded ones. It is scary how new things keep coming up every once in a while... My mom called and told me to stay away from pork (even though it is said that the flu cannot spread through well cooked pork) and I have heard that anyone flying to Sweden from Mexico, or has been in contact with anything from Mexico are put in quarantine. If I have no other choice but to go back then I wonder if they are gonna put me in quarantine and if they are gonna do the same with Nala. If that is the case there is no way I am going back. Not only do you have to pay for everything but last time they put Nala in quarantine she came back looking like a skeleton and smelling of feces...It was scary and I never want that to ever happen again!! Anyways, I hope they will be able to limit the effects of this flu soon. It is an pandemic that is viciously spreading and killing more and more people every day. However, as governments are telling their people to be careful it is also stated not to panic. Wash your hands, stay home if sick, and cover your mouth when coughing. Let us not panic but actually try to be clean and hopefully limit the spread. Be safe all of you out there...until later

(not really haha...poor kid but this is NASTY!)

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

list of sex laws...

Crazy sex laws that exist in the world, or used to exist...check it out!!!

it's a long list but HILARIOUS!!! Until later



I stumbled across this link on (which I by the way suggest you guys sign up) and it cracked me up!!!! Please read the link, it is sooo worth it!! I mean who does this and is actually serious???!!!! ok here's the link:

Enjoy..until later


Pride and Prejudice

One of my favorite authors is Jane Austen and many of her books have been made in to movies. Pride and Prejudice with Keira Knightley is one of my favorite. I watched it yesterday and every time it affects me....It lets us know love will be found, especially when least expected. The two last scenes in the movie are the best!! They are the definition of Romance...
True Love
True Love

Something I put together at
Dress: Notte by Marchesa Asymmetric chiffon gown,, $880.00
Shoes: Crystal and Suede Pumps,, 635.00 GBP
Ring: Sareen Diamond Engagement Ring Collection,, $5,715.00
Until later romantics

Monday, April 27, 2009

And another talent in BGT!!

The talent just keeps rolling in!!! This is a 10 year old girl who sings and dances...She is really good!!! Britains Got Talent is gonna be a toughy this season!! Good luck to the judges and voters! Here's a link to see Holly's audition

enjoy...until later


Happy day

Just came home from a wonderful lunch/dinner at Garden Eden Cafe. The company was great and the food delicious. To top the night off I saw 17 Again at the movies. I expected it to be really bad but it was actually amusing and Zac Efron's comic timing is really good. The fact that Matthew Perry (Chandler from Friends) had a part in the movie (the older Mike, Zac's character) didn't hurt one bit haha.
I met H's family again, it has been a really long time, and of course the dogs...They are adorable!!! I had to leave Nala at home and now she is super hyper because she spent the whole day sleeping. Trying to go to sleep tonight will be a battle!
I spoke with friends of H's family about my situation and got a lot of good tips, unlike other people that cannot wait for me to leave or instead of offering help in finding ways to solve my problems, they want to plan something for my departure..thanks to all of you!! I feel really wanted in your lives..Anyways, I don't want to go down that road...I am tired and tomorrow I have cleaning to do as well as trying to figure out what my next step will be...Until later


Saturday, April 25, 2009


My body is hurting and my heart is aching...I feel heavy in mind and soul with no letting go...I try to see light yet the darkness is all around me but the wall keeps it away...every time I smile my eyes cry...I sit with people yet I am alone...the rush of light escapes me...the wave of emotions washes over me, leaving nothing but much can I take of this? sorrow, sadness, pain, darkness, uncertainty, loneliness, void, weight...I want to feel the joy of life in my heart, mind, arms, legs, face, soul...I want to smile for a while, feel joy for a day...When night comes I want to sleep with a light breath is yearned for...make me walk on clouds; don't give up on me. I am still here, wanting you more than ever..please don't let me go..hold on to me as I hold on to you...I love you, welcome you, and embrace you..I want you, and no one but you...until later life


Friday, April 24, 2009

What should I do?

After meeting with my counselor I have a lot of questions and options as what to do, but they all lead to me leaving the country, something I don't want to do...According to Homeland Security they received my papers exactly 60 after my graduation which is the deadline. However, I checked with the postal office and it stated that Homeland Security received my papers one week before their claim. The agent I spoke with said it takes a week to file the application..I don't give a shit how long it takes to file it, you wanted it there the latest Feb 24th and you had it Feb 17th...The reason was when they cashed the check Feb 26th, it bounced (remember the fraud on the 23rd on my account)..Had they done their job on time and cashed the check before the 23rd I would have NO problems at all!!! But of course my life lacks excitement so I need this extra that I am getting job offers!!! This absolutely BLOWS!!! I also called the Law School I applied to and they said my application JUST got completed and they will start to review it but it will take 6-8 weeks to get an answer. If I am wait listed I might get an answer the day of orientation...Imagine I am in Sweden and they tell me I got accepted. I will need an I-20, a new Visa, a ticket and fix Nala's papers!! How??? I am not super woman, you know!!!.....the agent at Homeland connected me to an officer and she told me that I can choose to reopen my case and explain the situation. If they accept it then I am set but if they decline (decision can take anywhere from a month to a couple of months) and I am still in the country without status then I have to leave. If I try to come back, say IF I get accepted to Law School, I can be denied entry at Port of Entry!! Isn't that a treat??!!! I am just all together confused while I try to fix anything I can....Does anyone have any ideas/advise I will be more than happy to hear them!!! Until later


Thursday, April 23, 2009

Now what?

Coming back from the gym and exhausted I went to check the mail...My work permit application was DENIED....The reason is that the application was send out too late...which is total bullshit!! They checked and filed it too late...had they done everything when I send it then they would have had the money and nothing would be too late...But what do they care, it's not their life that has been ruined..just mine!!! I don't know what to do anymore...Ever since 2009 started, my life has gone straight down...I don't know how much more I can take!!! I'm gonna hit the shower and think about what my wonderful mother said....Until later



I don't know what is wrong with me..I have no motivation to go to the gym at all! I wanted to head down to the pool but of course the weather was not as beautiful as it has been the PAST week, so my exercise of the day is the gym..I want to cheat so bad but after thinking about it, no one is making me so if I cheat then I only cheat myself...will make me feel like shit...OK, fine I'll go to the gym!!!!! Get off my back!!!

Today, Me and S. finally made it to church, it was so serene to sit there with no one talking (when S. would actually shut up that is) and not have any thoughts in my head at all. My brain actually took a break!! I don't know why I have not been sleeping well in quite some time but hopefully that will change soon. I spoke with A. today and it looks like her sister is getting hitched in Vegas this weekend...A. planned the whole thing..The saddest part of this whole ordeal is that the groom's parents cannot attend the wedding because his dad has heart issues and cannot travel. I mean, I understand it it supposed to be the girl's day but at the end of the day, don't you want your future husband's parents there as well. He is the one paying for it, so having his parents attending the wedding is something I think would be obvious...Oh I don't know, guess people think very different from me...Glad I am not part of that, only causes headache, just ask A! She knows...
H. and S. got me hooked on this thing called sign up and add the toolbar and as soon as you are bored with nothing to do you just click the stumble button and it gives you websites it thinks you might like (you choose interests while setting up)....If you like the website you click I like button and perhaps send the link to a friend who is also a member, or if it is something you don't like you click the thumbs down button....It is interesting and ADDICTING!!! No more bored days, except when you are tired of your computer that is....Ok, I think it is time to cut Nala's nails and get ready for the gym!!! Until later lovelies

The Rescue

A woman reached out to Dane Cook (one of my favourite comedians) about an organization. He responded on Twitter making more people aware of this problem, including me. The website is; and here is the Youtube video the girl posted for Dane Cook. Check it out and see what the organization is about. Do what we can to help out as much as possible....

Would be great if this blog can reach out to people as well...Making a small but hopefully a difference in the world..Until later sweeties


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Just Go

Lionel Richie is known as Nicole Ritchie's father to the teen generation, to my generation he is known as an amazing artist...He has released a new song with Akon (who always releases great songs btw) that I am in love with....I hope you like it..

Enjoy!! until later, I have to go let Nala in as I can see her paws under the door her


Here comes the Bride...

Soon is your day J!!!!

Dress: Jim Hjelm Sheath,
Garter: Bridal Garter,, $28.98
Bracelet: Bold Bracelet,, $770, $65
Rings: his; Edward Cullen's wedding band (Don't ask cz I dunno), hers;, $549.99
Table: Fleur-de-Lys Shabby Chic Accent Table,, $499

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Good music

Before heading down to the pool to soak our feet, because we have nothing else to do haha I wanted you to hear this song...they are good..This song always makes me wanna dance :)

Hope you like it..Enjoy..Let me know what you think..Until later


Monday, April 20, 2009

Wonderful day

Phew, today was busy...It was the Orthodox Easter today, me and S. were very busy..We woke up (too late to go to service because someone decided to call me at 5 am so I could not go to sleep until 6 am) I got all dolled up as my mother taught me to always look my best during Easter. I did last minute fixer upper in the apartment before finally heading out. I spoke with my family, made me realize how much I really miss them. Me and S. went to a nearby church, Armenian Orthodox, but a wedding was about to take place..Why would you get married during Easter and on a Sunday?? Anyways, so we headed to the Greek Orthodox church. Next to the church there was a tent and a bunch of people were having a huge party. Me and S. go around to see if the church is open and 3 people sit on the steps. S. asks them if they know if the church is open and they tell us to just try to open the doors. They were locked but the guys told us that the priests were at the party and that we should go look for them. I told S. not to bother them just so we can sit in church, instead I said a quick prayer and walked to the car. We went to buy wine and stuff from Trader Joe's and Food For Less before heading home. We picked up blueberries and I told S. that the ones we picked were not good but she insisted that they were. Well, let me tell you: THEY WERE NASTY!!!! Anyways, I was wearing heels causing me to have huge blisters on my feet. Needless to say that as soon as I walked in to the apartment those shoes were off. S. started cooking while I made Blueberry pie and fixed the decor. H. called her friend N. and he came over to have dinner with us. He had never really celebrated Easter so this was a new experience for him. We had a blast and everyone ate so much they could barely move..Success!! A. came after work and ate, celebrating with us..We all just sat and talked before our guests left. Now I am just sitting, in a food coma, glad for a wonderful day yet sad that it had to end...Tomorrow I will go with A. to her job and wait 6 hours so we can paint after hours..I am probably taking Nala with me to work because otherwise she is gonna be home alone for several hours...Now I need to put some stuff away but I want to watch a movie before going to sleep..Until later sweethearts


Sunday, April 19, 2009

12 year old with pipes of an angel

OMG!! Check this kid out!!! He is amazing!!!

The embedding of the video itself was removed so hopefully you can click the link above and enjoy the goosebumps you are bound to get..

He is just brill and this shows Simon Cowell's knowledge in the business, as usual..Enjoy..Until later


An Epic woman

Lovely Audrey Hepburn
Lovely Audrey Hepburn by me!

Dress: Just Cavalli Silk animal print, $575,
Hat: Emilio Pucci Raffia, $415,
Purse: Marc Jacobs,
Shoes: Bowed Flat shoe, 16 GBP,
Earring: Majorica Pearl Stud, $80, Nordstrom
Lipstick: YSL Spring Look -Fard À Lèvres Rouge Pur Lipstick N°148, 19 GBP
Eyeliner: Givenchy Magic Kajal Eye Pencil 1 Magic Black, $21.50, Sephora

I have always loved Audrey Hepburn as an actress but today I read about her life and I must say, I am blown away! Not only was she an amazing actress, style icon and Hollywood starlet, but she had suffered through WWII and was a Goodwill ambassador with UNICEF..Due to cancer she passed away at the age of 63, very young...A woman who was, in my eyes, an actress and who made the LBD famous is now also a wonderful role model..more actresses should try to strive to be more like her...I guess our time Audrey Hepburn is Angelina Jolie, even though I am not the biggest fan of hers but I must admit she is a great actress as well as doing great things for society...Ok, enough with the contemplations on my behalf, it is time to rest as I have to get up early to go to Church for Easter...Until later darlings


Saturday, April 18, 2009


I read in Swedish newspaper that a woman in Iran was convicted for a murder her boyfriend convinced her to confess. He killed her father's cousin and since she was 17 at that time he told her to say she did it and nothing would happen to her. As soon as she confessed she changed her mind but the court in Iran still convicted her to death. She is to be hanged on Monday if nothing is done...The ruling of the Iranian court goes against the UN civil and political convention...Amnesty is on the case and people on Facebook and Twitter are "revolting" against how this case has been handled. Spread the news and help stop this injustice!!! Until later


Scary Neighborhood

As I was watching an 80's movie I started hearing yelling and slamming...I thought; oh great, Andrew and Angela are at it again..But I was wrong. It is the same building but not them...I looked out while S. was smoking and saw a man without a shirt standing by his car, yelling "fuck the poor or fuck the whore/hoe"..not really sure...Since he couldn't get inside the building he jumped the oh so high gate (sarcasm) on the side and ran while yelling fuck the poor/whore...It got silent when we could no longer see him..I went back to my room to finish my movie when all of the sudden I hear "GET OUT OF MY HOUSE" along with women yelling. S. decides to call the cops and the officer hears the people yell through the phone...The yelling goes on and slamming of doors are heard...We hear women yell "get off him" and "stop it!"..It was easy to tell there was a fight..I think I just heard the cops arrive, 15 mins later...It has settled down now but funny thing is, Andrew is sitting on his balcony smoking up while Angela is inside asking him what is going on..I guess they are happy they are not in trouble tonight...
Well, the girls have gone to sleep and I have decided to NEVER take Nala out for a walk at night in this neighborhood ever again...This is scary stuff....Now I am gonna go to sleep and tomorrow I have some stuff to take care of..Until later dreamers


Friday, April 17, 2009


The girls came home and we got ready to leave the house when I open the door. The floor was painted. I tell the girls and oh so smart S. steps outside and I tell her to get back. She got paint on her soles..She got pissed and I don't think the fact that I told her "I told you not to step outside" helped...I started cursing because I had an appointment to go to and no one had told us the freaking floor was being painted meaning WE CANNOT LEAVE THE HOUSE!!! So H. decides to step outside getting paint on her soles. Now the two idiots are standing on the threshold not allowed to step in the house and not willing to step outside. H. accidentally steps on S's shoe making S. shout "NOOOOOO"....The top of her brown shoe (leather and suede) got a dash of paint on it. I yell at them not to step inside while running to get tissue to wipe the paint...After the paint dried on their shoes we all put on shoes we don't care for and left...Our footprints are now visible in the paint hahah...We get to the stairwell and the painters were "kind enough" to leave a patch unpainted...Thanks for nothing!!! Our building is starting to look like all dogs in the complex gathered and pooped all over...It is an ugly brown color and beige...It looks soo weird in contrast to the neighborhood..I mean, I understand they want to fix the place up but come on! Poop brown? They couldn't think of ANY other color???

we got home I saw a dog I have seen before and the poor thing looks sooo abused....It is a chihuahua but it's half Nala's size and it's claws are super long...I see it standing by itself on the other side of the building, waiting by the door...I approach it and it starts shaking and tries to hide. On its collar there are bells (like the ones cat owners have on their cats)..What the fruit are the owners thinking?! The poor thing was just standing by the door...I see the owners and try to get their attention but I could have might as well been speaking Urdu because they did not react at all....When I opened the door they were walking down the stairs (mother and daughter) and the mother says "oh, (the dog's name), you wanted to come with us?" NO SHIT!!! THE POOR THING WAS STANDING BY THE DOOR BY ITSELF!!! No, you see the dog just wanted to guard the door so your fat ass will be safe!! Dumbass!!! I am so pissed at this woman because she is typical white trash (excuse my lingo)..The other month she had a party, I thought college students lived there, but no it is her and her very young daughter (as far as I know) and they were playing really loud House music *cringe*..Also, I once saw the dog locked out on the balcony and it looked like it was in pain...Mother fudge cake!! Now she is moving, to the apartment where Basham lived...UGH...why not just leave the building all together???

When I got home me and S. watched a couple of episodes of Friends. I kept contemplating if I should call animal rescue but I didn't think they would do much..I decided to cook and after eating I rested for a while before I finished cleaning the kitchen...I think I am ready to become a housewife now.. Anyone interested? haha just kidding...Well, I am gonna clean the floor and tomorrow I will bake and do laundry...I don't know what to bake for Sunday...Any suggestions?A., told me I might be able to help out her and her boss in the shop, painting the walls...yeay, I love painting!! It will be fun!! Now I am gonna take Nala out and throw away this garbage that smells like...well garbage...Until later lovelies

(Me on Monday!!)


Twitter update

Well Ellen just wrote on Twitter that Drew Barrymore took off her shirt and gave it to Ellen...It is now being sold on ebay...all Drew fans hurry and make bids...As for me, I am waiting for H., S., and Nala to come home so we can leave...It is sunny and beautiful and I get to leave the house YEAY!!!

Until later lovelies



Oh no I surrender...I joined Twitter haha but only because I was bored and wanted to see what Ellen Degeneres was up to because she always cracks me up hahah...I will keep you guys updated if anything fun comes along...btw I am following Ashton Kutcher as he won the battle of who can reach 1 million followers...Now I know I am curiosity won...


Just a funny quote

"If women are supposed to be less rational and more emotional at the beginning of our menstrual cycle when the female hormone is at its lowest level, then why isn't it logical to say that, in those few days, women behave the most like the way men behave all month long?"

-Gloria Steinem

Any chance to badger on men we take it haha...but no worries men, we still love you...well not all of us, but I do hahah


Angelina Jolie hype..why?

What is up with Angelina Jolie and company? I mean every day there is something new about her...She has a started a trend, adoption for fun, and is on the cover of tabloids in America all the time...First I hear she has lost so much weight that she fainted on the set of Salt, which I thought was produced by Brad Pitt but I must be mistaken because tabloids claim they spend no time together. After the infamous fight they had because of the friendly pat Brad gave their nanny they reported Brad left the house...Now I read she is yet again preggers with baby number 7 while thinking of adopting YET another baby...You know how many fear overpopulation and some actually say instead of making babies you should just adopt..well, just a warning, if you are looking to adopt you should hurry up before they all end up in the Brangelina household...Ugh, is it just me or is anyone else tired of this couple?? Funny thing is I am so tired of them yet here I am discussing it on my blog...GOOD JOB DUMBASS!! (Brangelina with a cpl of the kids)
Oh well that has been on my mind since yesterday....I am looking forward to tomorrow where I have an appointment with something called electrolysis..I will not however share where I am getting my treatment haha..little privacy is valued as you can guess by now...After that it is cleaning and laundry time and that includes cleaning my computer...hope I won't lose anything..On Saturday I am baking my cinnamon buns and dying eggs for my Easter...On Sunday I am gonna try to figure out which church to go to and then we are cooking and perhaps expect company ehem...well for now I am gonna go to sleep so I won't stay up til 6 am like last night....Until later sweeties


Thursday, April 16, 2009

Bunch of mistakes

I have been going over some of my old post and noticed so many misspellings and grammar sorry about that but hey this is something for me to just write in the moment...As the English Graduate I am, finding errors of this kind makes my skin crawl...Also the fact that I am a perfectionist does not help...Again sorry if you read some of my entries and they looked messed up or sometimes don't make sense...I am gonna try harder not to make any silly mistakes...Until later



It is 4.40 am and I cannot fall asleep. I am exhausted but I just can't seem to fall asleep. I am searching the web for something to entertain me but I have watched all the latest episodes of all the shows I am following at the moment....I laughed my ass off at the gag reel on Friends, season 10 and now I am like a zombie...I want to soon as I close my eyes my mind starts drifting away...Where do all these thoughts come from? Why at night? I let my guard down and the feelings just come rushing and thoughts start swirling in my mind, they are's of my past, my family, friends and former crushes..I think of now, my super high phone bill, the loneliness I feel at times, the uncertainty of what will happen...I start thinking of what my future may look like...Nala gives out a cry...she is cold and wants to lie under my covers..I let her..the warmth from her body oozes and I no longer feel the cold winds come in through my window....I start drifting away to dreamland and all of the sudden BAM!!!...someone shuts their door with so much force I thought it was a gun...The thoughts come back and I cannot fall asleep...Just shut them out! Don't let the thoughts of ____ get to you...Count sheep...It doesn't work...I get up, turn on my computer and stare at my screen..It takes forever for it to start...damn Dell!!...I yawn but my eyes are wide body is crying for rest yet my mind wants to what? I have nothing to do..let me write it out and maybe then the thoughts will stop haunting me...please let me sleep a whole night without any interruptions....I am so tired..I just want to sleep...Until later sleepyheads



My body is so sore!! I have been cleaning for some time now. I spent two days cleaning the kitchen alone....I stood up on the counters, very small space, and almost slipped a couple of times...however, I cleaned the cabinets and the floor...Tomorrow I will continue the Easter cleaning, my room, bathroom, and living room...After cleaning, the girls came home I started cooking. When we were done eating, me and S. headed to the gym and worked out for a while.....I discovered some new things at the gym and had a lot of fun haha....That is something my friends could never imagine me saying, me having fun at the gym!!! Well, I am now addicted to the darn gym just because of the feeling I get when I leave!!! So intense!!! I LOVE IT!!! Well now that I am too hyped up I am gonna settle down by watching Friends...I know again!!

Until later darlings


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Music of the day

This a new artist called Sara Haze and this song, "My Own Hands to Hold", was featured on The Hills season 5 episode 3...It is really good. She has an amazing voice and the lyrics are great!!! Enjoy

Until later lovelies


Sunday, April 12, 2009

Dream a little Dream...

Dream a little dream

Dress: Silk strapless draped dress., 669,00 EUR
Shoes: Christian Louboutin, $865,00,
Earrings: Michael Beaudry,
Necklace: Michael Beaudry,
Perfume: Miss Dior Cherie Eau de Parfum 50 ml

Oh I am dreaming a little Dream...Until later dreamers


Music from the heart

The new Paul Potts at Britain Got Talent...Poor thing was laughed at when walking on the stage but when she was done, she shut everyone up!! check it out...

Until later darlings


It is all about the fish

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am proud to say that I ate fish for dinner today!!! Anyone who knows me knows I do not like fish, at all! I ate, not only one fillet, but two!! It was so odd to enjoy something I have never liked, even as a child..We have now decided to bring fish to our menu more often....I just needed to share these news with you as I feel mighty proud as well as amazed by what has happened today haha....Until later my sweet readers
(Not exactly what our food looked like but you get the drift)

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Passion of the Christ

The play was a musical version of Passion of the Christ. I was blown away by the acting and voices of the cast. It was all very well done and before the musical started the assisting pastor had us all join in prayer, which is new to me as I have never been to a sermon in America, even though I come from a deeply religious family...Anyways when the musical was over I had chills all over my body from the experience and then the Pastor of that church also prayed before letting us all go. He said that this musical was not for any kind of entertaining purpose but it was to bring any non believers to the light and to Jesus...interesting...Even though I believe in Christ and am a hardcore Christian, I still think that this musical was very entertaining with all the music and excellent singers. What is so wrong with having entertainment in our lives?? On Sunday they are having Easter Sunday sermon and S. kept promoting their event (she had their pamphlet)..She was just joking though because our Easter is not until next Sunday (April 19th)...I am Christian Orthodox, Syriac. This means our Easter falls on a different date than other Christians.
It is interesting how I was born and raised in Sweden, a very liberal country, by very strict parents. I guess that is why I have an open mind for almost all things (can't say all because there might be something out there I might not agree with and I just don't know it yet) yet very strong faith...ok, I will not start preaching haha but I will go to sleep and see what tomorrow might bring...until later beloved readers


Friday, April 10, 2009

So sorry...

Sorry I have been really bad at updating the blog...I have been busy following the show True Blood, pretty cool vampire show starring Anna Paquin amongst others. I am proud to say we have a Swedish actor in the cast, Alexander Skarsgård. Used to star in Swedish soap operas and various movies but is now Eric, Vampire Sheriff. It is a pretty cool show so far with lots of blood and sex. I recommend you to check it out :)

Yesterday me and S. headed to Santa Monica to visit A at her job. She works at a Pearl shop on the Promenade. This boutique has just opened up and it is run by two men living in Hawaii. One of them is from Alabama originally and the other is from Ohio but they have lived in Hawaii for several years now. I met William, the one from Alabama, and he is really laid back. The shop was really nice even though it is in the beginning stage. They are still stocking up on their jewelry and remodeling. I was given a quick lesson about pearls so I can say I know a lot about the making of a pearl haha... Me and S. spend the day walking around the shops. If you have never been to Los Angeles I would definitely recommend visiting the Promenade as it is filled with people and entertainment on the street as well as close to famous Venice Beach. I have to say that as soon as we set foot on the street we ran into several Swedes as most of them are students at Santa Monica College.

On Wednesday A., came here and took me and S. to Burbank where we ate and then headed to beloved and missed Swedish IKEA...I told A., which sweets to buy..We stacked up as if we would never go back there. I have missed Swedish sweets as it is, according to me, the best sweets in the world!!! If you ever find your way to Europe a stop in our Northern land is a must. Sweden should be visited at least once in your lifetime haha...I sound like the spokesperson of Sweden...I promise I do not get paid to say this!! haha... Unfortunately the merchandise (edible ones) at IKEA are not exactly like in Sweden, but it is close. The candy in Sweden is the best candy anywhere and if you don't believe me then I beg you to visit it and try our candy.. YUM!!!
(Very small selection of candy)

Anyways, we are getting ready to go see a play with H's friend R. at his church. I think the play is called Passion of the Christ but not entirely sure...Until later darlings

Monday, April 6, 2009

Battle of the ex's

These two songs are by Ne-Yo and his ex. The first video is the female version of So Sick and the second one is the original made by Ne-Yo...Check em out and see which one you like more. Nothing compares to Ne-Yo's voice but she isn't too bad...

(The ex)



I was going over some pictures that I had taken for an art class of my sister. They are in black and white. They were taken years ago, I think she was about 2 or 3 years old. There is one picture that struck my heart the most, it is of my little sister following my brother and her hand is in the air, this is how I know she was most likely talking too much, sending my brother out of his room in order to get away from her hahaha. She is known for talking all the time :)...Good times for all of us, too bad they are in the past....Family members are the most important to treasure, they will always be there as long as you let them. As I was growing up I could not wait to leave my family but today I know better, nothing compares to my family of Dad A., Mom S., Big Brother S., Little Sister D., and of course Nala. When wanting to leave your family think about the people that are not blessed with good family or any family at all. Do not take the people around you for granted because they might be gone before you know it....
(My brother, S., walking out of his room, with the tail, D., right behind him hahaha I miss my family!!) Until later sweethearts..


Sunday, April 5, 2009

Corleone Familia

"I'm gonna make him an offer he can't refuse." - The Godfather...

I watched the trilogy of The Godfather, again, and every time I am blown away by the masterpiece brought to us by Francis Ford Coppola and Mario Puzo. As the third movie comes to an end, I thirst for more but unfortunately it is the last we will see of the great Corleone family. There was a fourth movie in the making, going back to Sonny, Fredo, and Michael's beginning, but Mario Puzo passed away and Francis Ford Coppola refused to continue without his dear friend. All we can do is speculate about the beginning of these powerful men and their lives in the Mafia. I would recommend these movies to people with time to spare (they are loong) and to people that like comitatus (loyalty between king and his knights), family honor, and a lot of killing haha....Enjoy the great Marlon Brando, Al Pacino, Diane Keaton, Robert De Niro, Thalia Shire and many more..

Until later darlings..


Thursday, April 2, 2009

Music of the day

Gotta love Ne-Yo!!! He is one of my favorite artists..amazing singer and songwriter!! Here with Keri Hilson and Kanye West, a very good collaboration

I hope you will enjoy these wonderful singers as much as I do...until later music lovers


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Darkness...and then there was light!

Wonderful people, since 2 am, March 31st, we have been without electricity. I went to bed looked at my digital clock and it was black, I look outside my window and it was black. I plug my charger in the phone and...nothing...We are officially out of electricity around the whole neighborhood. I woke up hoping everything would be ok but nothing. No lights in the bathroom, refrigerator and freezer are not functioning, Internet and TV are off. I live in the old age where candles were the only light in the dark. I fear of going to the bathroom to pee because I cannot pee with the door open and closing the door, the bathroom is pitch black! I have to admit that still at the age of 25 I have an issue with the dark. In my bathroom the whole wall is a huge mirror, avoiding to look at the mirror I do my business as quickly as possible. I stay on the balcony trying to keep myself occupied. I start getting hungry and there is nothing I can eat except for bananas and oranges. I still my hunger for a while with the fruit. What is taking them so long?!! It is now 5 pm and still no progress. They have been working since 2 am but cannot figure out what is wrong...I look for any candles we might have, WHERE ARE ALL MY CANDLES??? I found 3 candles, one which is not really supposed to be lit but I was in need..I fill the tub with water and some Japanese thing called Sake Bath made by Fresh, to sooth my restless body. I put the candles next to me and keep the door open, making sure it is not too dark. I sit in the bath for the first time in over 3 years and sigh. I give into thoughts and serenity. I enjoy this soothing bath before getting up to wait for power to be turned back on. I text S. to figure out what to eat now that we have no means to heat any food. What is that?! Sound of my answering machine turning back on, refrigerator starts making noise again and neighbors cheering!!! I jump up and down happy I have power again only to find Nala staring at me like I lost it. I text S. telling her we have power and after being happy I had power again for 30 seconds it was lost, again! I text S. saying never mind, we lost power again...It was getting frustrating so I chose to write this in my notepad as fast as I could to save battery and there it was again. My screen lit up, answering machine turned back on, noises everywhere but no cheering. I guess we are to scared to cheer in case we lose the power again. Now I am waiting for S. and H. to come home from school so we can eat because I AM STARVING!!! People, never take your electricity for granted because in today's society we depend on it too much, maybe too much!! Until next time darkness...