Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Soon I will know..hopefully

Done with applications..Now I hope to get a positive answer as soon as possible...I have a couple of things I need to do on Thursday so if S. can take me to school that would be great, I hope to publish my books soon or at least find an illustrator to add pictures.

Me and S. went out with her friend on Friday and it was real fun. We ate at a place on Sunset called Sushi Dan and it was great food, I had the chicken tiriaky (don't like seafood so chicken is always a safe bet). After a couple of bottles of Japanese beer (quite good actually) and sake (first time for me and I don't know if I can say it was good) we headed to a really small bar a couple of minutes away, Trocadero. It was super small but really nice, we had a couple more drinks.
(This is where we sat) (Outside seating)
(Very small but a picture of the bar itself)
I saw the oldest child of the show The Nanny, at the bar. I don't know her name but I recognized by her mouth, it looks funny. Anyways, she was having a great time with her friends but nothing extravangant, not like a woman and a man sitting on the sofas streching their legs in the air as if they are dancing ballet. When the woman's legs went up in the air a couple of people turned their heads but when the man's legs went up there EVERYBODY in the bar were watching. My Lord was that guy flexible!!! He did moves many women only dream of doing.
(She looks the same I must say)
We grabbed a cab to go to S's friend's house. We got in, he turned around the corner and we reached our destination. I started laughing so hard and affirmed he is a true DIVA...He had to pay 7 dollars just for a cab that took one minute haha but it was an interesting experience. It was totally different from when we took the damn cab from our house and got stuck in traffic on the way to S's friend's house. Of course while sitting in the cab for an hour S. had to have a full on conversation with the driver. When we got to her friend's house the driver wanted her number, in case we would want a cab to go back home we would call him. However, S's amazing friend's sweet roommate took us home which was very pleasant where we were enjoying AMAZING music! Both guys are really sweet!!! Hopefully we can do it again soon...Now I will go eat some food before S. starts yelling at me and both S. and H. start their rants about their issues (they are just joking with each other but can't help but wonder if there is any truth in it)...Until later lovelies...


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