Sunday, March 22, 2009

Someone special

Twilight came out on DVD last night and of course S. rented it..We saw it when it came out in the theaters and it was great. As we watched it last night, I felt a rush of loneliness...I want my own Edward Cullen, minus the vampire aspects haha...I mean to have someone who wants to protect you and knowing you mean everything to them is wonderful. I hope everyone out there, that want someone in their lives, will get what they want.

Here in Cali, it's kind of hard to find someone special for me. I have very high standards and when all my friends say I am picky, I simply point out their love lives. I know one girl (former friend) who is getting married for the second time, after serial dating and sometimes at the same time, she is 24 years old. Other friends that date one scum after the other...To me it is all a waste of time to give every guy that hits on me a chance. I mean if that were to happen I would never sit at home because I would be too busy being out there dating and getting disappointed. If it doesn't click there is no point. I have tried with guys that it does not click with and no use at all...Instead I get to know guys I find as potential and if I like them then I give them a chance..So far the people I have chosen to date end up being good guys (some of them haha) but something is off, usually timing haha...Now that 6 people I know (my age) are getting married this summer/year it starts feeling lonely. My mom keeps telling me to find this "dashing" American boy and settle, easier said than done mom!!! If you can find him, I will settle haha...Anyways, until Mr. Right comes along I will have to focus on staying alive and getting my law degree...Not hard at all..ehem...Until next time all you out there

Sealed With A Kiss by Brian Hyland, Gary Geld and Peter Udell 1962

Tho' we gotta say goodbye for the summer baby I promise you this -I'll send you all my love every day in a letter sealed with a kiss. Guess it's gonna be a cold, lonely summer but I'll feel the emptiness. I'll send you all my dreams every day in a letter sealed with a kiss. I'll see you in the sunlight I'll hear your voice everywhere I'll run to tenderly hold you but baby you won't be there.

(A part of the song but the lyrics are pretty)


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