Friday, March 20, 2009

Relaxing day with A

Oh what a day! It started as any other morning, fighting neighbors and then A called and said she was on her way to start our day together. She came over and we went to school to fix some things and had lunch. After that she wanted to surprise me so I sat in the mini cooper (still can't get over the fact that she is driving a mini haha) with my eyes closed. I kept guessing where we were heading and when she finally told me to open my eyes I saw Fridays. I started laughing and she told me to turn around. She wanted me to relax so she was taking me to Color Me Mine. This is a place where you sit down and choose any pottery from their selection and you color it. I will pick up my heart shaped box with a ballerina next week, along with A's polka dotted piggy bank hahah They will put it in an oven and burn it so it will look really nice once it is done..It was really cute..Apparently Paris Hilton is a frequent visitor...

After we were there for 3 hours (I was the one who took too long because A was done after 30 mins haha) we went to a Chinese fast food restaurant. We ate quickly and headed over to Blockbuster. We wanted to rent Twilight, because A has not seen it (I know, how?!!) but it will come out tomorrow so we can rent it another time...All other good movies were either out or A. had seen them. We ended up renting Internet Dating with Katt Williams....I love the guy, he is hilarious but this movie was like a porno minus the sex. It was embarrassing to watch but what was worse was that we would not turn it off.

As soon as the movie was over A had to leave. It was a lot of fun, as I always have with her and I got to leave the house again YEAY!!!!! I will see A and A on Sunday again but unfortunately it will rain so no fun activity but we have fun no matter what we do...Since this is the first time in a long time Nala was alone without me S. said she refused to eat and was just sitting by the door crying. Broke my heart...This is what I was scared of, she was used to me leaving the house but since I got out of school and have not really left the house so much she has gotten used to me always being at home with her.... :(
Well, I am gonna watch the new episode of Gossip Girl..until later lovelies

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