Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Oh what a tart!!

A. just left and is heading home after a long day with me. After school we decided we were hungry so we went to Vons and got a few groceries for dinner. I met M. again but this time he was wearing a suit as it is his Godmother's birthday haha, so cute. We passed the cake section and found the most amazing fruit tart and decided we had to have it! After waiting for 5 minutes the deli guy asked if he could be of any assistance. We picked up the rest of what we needed and went to pick up our tart. He had packed down the tart and we were ready to pay. We head to the line and OH MY GOD!!!There were 3 registers open so the lines were from the registers, down the aisles, and to the other side of the store. In front of us was this HUGE woman with nasty hygiene and beard as well as mustache. As we were standing in line she kept complaining about the length of the lines and how bad Vons is, her dinner was half cooked and she will never return to the store again. Ok lady, complain to the people that give a damn. I understand the frustration but sometimes you just have to deal with it. Anyways, we headed home and all day we were listening to the radio or heard music at school. Everywhere we went they were playing Ne-Yo. I told A. he is one of my favourite artists and she had the audacity to tell me she had no clue who he was. WHO IS NE-YO?! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!!!!! So I explained who he was, told her which songs were his, showed his video when she finally said: "Oh, this is Ne-Yo. Huh...ok cool"....OK COOL!!! THAT'S ALL YOU CAN SAY???!! OH COME ON!!!! Saved by the phone call, I had to drop the subject when a friend called her. I have made it my mission to enlighten A. about the life in the entertainment business and the people in it! She looked at me and smiled and said: "Ok, you can try but I have to warn you. Many have tried and not succeeded." Now I am more that intrigued by my mission. I will succeed A! Mark my words, you will learn about the entertainment business when I am done with you!! When we got home S. started making Swedish potato salad and A. fell in love. We ate it with grilled chicken. Really yummy!!! As dessert we had the fruit tart and WOW! It was delicious!!!!! Perfect ending to a wonderful day...It was very light and fruity, just as I like it!! With our stomachs full we sat down and worked a little bit more on the books and then she had to go home. Now the dishes await me and then I think I will go to sleep....Until later gentle people of the world...

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