Tuesday, March 10, 2009

no excitement...

Today has not been too exciting, the weather has been gray with a hint of Sun, and this day has literally passed with me in front of the computer watching TV shows. I started my day with calling Planned Parenthood. Of course I was on the phone for 20 minutes, 24 callers ahead of me, only to find out that the system was down and I had to call back. I chose to give them a second chance so I called again after a couple of hours. I was on the phone for more than 20 minutes, 26 callers ahead of me. When I started talking to the woman I told her I was an international student and asked how that would affect the fees. She put me on hold so she could look in to the matter, I waited for 10 minutes only to find that I got disconnected. My patience ran out and I did not call back. I will have to find a solution for my problem elsewhere instead, nothing else to do. So as I said my day passed with me in front of the computer and playing with Nala. Tomorrow A. will come and we plan to go to school and fix some stuff for her class and then go to Balboa Park, have a picnic and let Nala run around a little. She is getting lazy and fatter, exercise is needed for this little sweetheart. Now A. is calling me so, until later darlings...


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  1. I hate being put on hold just to be disconnected seconds before someone finally answers...if there's annoying songs playing, that doesn't make things better, either! Give me a nice piece of classical music and let me talk to someone after two minutes, please!