Monday, March 2, 2009

More determined than ever!

I know I haven't written anything lately but that is because I have been trying to collect my thoughts for the meeting with Wells Fargo bank manager, Elizabeth Alaniz. A. knew I was not feeling too good so she came to my rescue and spend Sunday as well as Monday here with me. We spent Sunday just eating lunch at a place called Bolivar in Chatsworth. It is a Colombian restaurant and I have been looking for it for over a year. I had some of their empenadas in class once and my friend gave me the name of it but I thought I lost the card. When I was looking for my papers to send to the government for my work permit I found that small card :). We had their empenadas, I was starving and greedy so as soon as the waitress brought them out I took a bite and burned my whole mouth. The whole day was horrible because no matter what I would eat it would burn. The roof of my mouth started peeling today, needless to say it is a very uncomfortable feeling. After the restaurant we headed to Vons to get some things I needed to bake Swedish cinnamon buns, kanelbullar. We rented 3 movies, Vicky Christina Barcelona, Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist, and Sexdrive (of course A's choice haha). All movies were interesting in their own way but the best one I must say was Vicky Christina Barcelona. To make the buns took about 2 hours (and three tries because I misread the recipe on my cell phone and converted from Swedish measurements to American), but A. loved them. We popped in the movies and watched all three. We went to bed at 4 am. It was a lot of fun even though we were veery sleepy by the time we watched the last movie. A. slept in my bed and I slept on the sofa in the living room. As I told you earlier, they were gonna come and change our door today, Monday, and FedEx were scheduled to pick up my computer. I woke up around 9 am because I thought FedEx called the house but it wasn't. I decided to wait for the men to come and fix the door so I could take a shower while they were working on it. They came around 10 am and I hit the shower. Oh my Lord did they make a lot of NOISE!!!! They finished fixing the door at 2 p.m! During that whole time I was in the bathroom until I woke A. up so I could get in to my bedroom. Nala was really anxious so there was a lot of barking in our house...We got ready to leave to the bank and the only thing missing on my door was a doorknob and a lock. Kind of important, don't you think? Anyways, the guy came and fixed it and we headed to the bank. I was greeted by the assistant bank manager, who after hearing what I had to say seemed like she was about to put every penny in my account. She went to the back and when she came back it looks like she drank some water that made her grow a pair. I was sitting there arguing that the teller made the mistake by not putting the check on hold. She tells me that due to the fact that I have been in good standing with the bank they did not want to hassle me and therefore cash the check, BULLSHIT IS WHAT I SAY!!!!! After I started losing my patience because now she tells me that since I filed a police report it falls under the responsibility of the police and there is nothing they can do. Her F*&^$ING bank manager came up and said, "I couldn't help overhearing what you were talking about. Would you mind explaining your situation for me?" IF YOU OVERHEARD ME THEN WHY DO I NEED TO START OVER AGAIN!!!!! I did what was asked of me only to get the same answer, "the system approved you so there was no need to put the check on hold"...I don't feel like re-telling the story because there was a lot that was said but what I can say is that this Elizabeth Alaniz was degrading and rude. When she could not argue against me but not claim I was right, she just kept repeating what she was saying. Well ladies and gentlemen, this bitch has picked a fight with the wrong person. I can argue until my face turns blue and I will. I will do my own research and talk to a detective about what I can do as well as talk to some lawyers and as God is my witness this woman will pay for her actions!!! She claims we both lost on this matter and when I stated that she would get her money back from insurance she simply said we are both at loss....dumb nut, by not denying it I now know they get there money back. She thinks she is talking to an incompetent person, well she is wrong and she has simply messed with the wrong girl!!!

I got in the car and was raging, which caused me to cry for 5 mins and then my fighting spirit came back and I have decided they will not get away with this and IF I ever become a lawyer I will take on as many cases against Wells Fargo as possible. This bank will pay for mistreating their customers!!!! I know I am not the only one who has suffered!!! Now it is their turn!

I am re-living my anger now so I better stop and do something that will take my mind off of this situation for now...but first I am calling a detective so I can get some advice on what to do.

Until ladies and gentlemen


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  1. Loved Vicky Cristina Barcelona...the acting is marvellous!!!