Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I am sooo clumsy!!!

Clever as I am I injured myself again today. I was playing with Nala and decided to lie down, on my stomach, on the sofa. I caught her ball and threw it away. I was getting up when I lifted my head really fast (for me not to have my hair in my face) and SLAMMED the back of my head on the side of the coffee table. I got up and was dizzy with a throbbing head. I checked for blood, there was none, and 2 minutes later I had a huge bump. It was really painful and I even shed a couple of tears before I wabbled back to my bed. I kept myself occupied so I would not think of the killing headache I got and finished the second book, first draft that is....I will start the third soon but before I do that I am gonna look in to some publishing companies and copywrite laws and so on. I also need to find a illustrator for the books because A. said most companies prefer that. Speaking of A. she is gonna talk to her teacher about some stuff concerning me and if I am lucky I might be involved in something very exciting. Unfortunately I cannot disclose any information about it, at all!! Right now I am waiting for the girls to come home and cook dinner (very late considering it is 9.20 pm and they are not even here yet) and planning more about the
project I have for the books....

Until later ladies and gentlemen

(Even grown men cry when bumping their head)


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