Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I am back

I have not been able to write anything because our Internet got cut off and it took them too long to turn it back on!! But no worries, nothing interesting has happened except I just finished my 3rd book and doing revisions now...Hopefully my children's books will be on store shelves soon, that would be soo amazing!!!

I have to tell you what happened Friday when me and A. had dinner at Fridays...The waitress seemed to be sick of living (I just love to have servers with that attitude...not). I forgot my ID so A. ordered Pineapple Malibu for me to drink...The waitress comes out with the drink and it is PINK..WTF?!!!! Pineapple is yellow! How can you mess that up?!! She brought out our food and of course she messed that up but nothing serious...what pissed me off was that she came by our table and saw I was holding the drink and FLIPPED out. She asked for my ID and I told her I forgot it and she started yelling about her not catching me with the drink in front of me again or she would take it away....It was so embarrassing to be talked to like a little child...If she had been discreet about it I would not have been so mad but her yelling in a restaurant, my blood started boiling. S. brought my ID and I had it on the table so I was drinking...She comes back to the table after we tell the other waiter to check my ID so I can drink. He says he will tell our waitress to come and check it. She sees the drink in front of me and my passport is right next to my drink. I just see her hand reach for my glass so before she can take the drink I pick up the passport and give it to her. She would not stop apologizing the whole night....I was so mad, I told A. not to leave any tip but she did anyways...Overall we had a good time...We drove in A's new car; a creme colored mini cooper hahahaha....I do not like that car but sitting inside was not too bad and the engine makes NIIIICE sound...purrzz like a tiger haha...
(This is what it is supposed 2 look like, not pink! But not in a glass like this though...)

I woke up today by my manager calling and leaving a voicemail saying the amount on our rent bill is not accurate and I should not pay it any attention. This is at 9.30 in the morning. Yea, because at 9.30 in the morning I am thinking about what the rent bill states...NO I AM DREAMING....while listening to my voicemail I got a call from Homeland Security (think it's hilarious to say I spoke with Homeland Security haha) and I had to pay 370 dollars because my check bounced due to the fraud on my account. Thanks to A. I could pay it all, hopefully I will get my work permit and my life can actually start moving! My Tmobile bill was off the chart...they claim I went over my minutes, interesting considering the fact that during the 4 years I have been a customer it has NEVER gone over my minutes...nowhere close to going over...this sux in comparison to Swedish mobile network. In Sweden, when you get a phone call, you pay NOTHING, some plans allow you to speak for free all day if it is the same network....usually the bill ends up at (maximum for me 50 dollars) but here I owe about 300 dollars for some odd reason!! A's friend A. will call Tmobile n check what is up their BUTTS!!! Other than that I am sitting on my sofa enjoying the warm and sunny weather here in LA. Nala is already out on the balcony trying to squeeze herself close to the railing because there is a small stream of sun...I wrote the third book yesterday on the balcony and actually got tanned! Felt good and relaxing!! My stomach is making music along with Nala's so I am gonna get something to eat and force her to eat instead of tanning (which is harder than you would think)...until later missed ones


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  1. Amanda, I'm sorry to hear about the huge T-Mobile bill. Great way to build customer loyalty, right? At the risk of sounding presumptuous, I thought I'd mention that I work for the website, powered by a company called Validas, where we slash the average cell bill by 22 percent. We have currently audited over 26,000 cell lines and have saved consumers nearly $5 million off their wireless bills. You can check out Validas’s in the national news media, most recently on Good Morning America at

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