Thursday, March 5, 2009

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My hands are stiff from the cold weather here in so called Sunny Cali. Me and S just returned from a brisk walk to Bank of America, my new bank...I have been dealing with the scam this whole time and finally got a detective assigned to my case. When I called he was away from his desk so I am going to try calling again tomorrow. I also called Southwestern Law School and the fee that the LSAC website require is a must to pay, no way around it....Time will tell if I can afford paying on time before the due date is up...This has basically taken up all my time (a lot of time spend on the phone, which is normal here in America) but I did have time to discover 2 new shows that I watch on, Dollhouse and Lie to me...both are interesting shows. Dollhouse is about this house that takes girls and guys who are in trouble with justice and give them a "choice" to participate in the life at the dollhouse...when the girl (which is the main character in this show, echo played by Eliza Dushku) agrees, they take her to the "genius" who basically puts them in a chair and erases their memories to make their minds turn to a blank slate (with the exception of basic functions like reading, speaking, eating and so on). These people are called actives and their role in the dollhouse is to be "rented" out to wealthy people. One case was about a man whose daughter was kidnapped and he needed an expert on negotiation so the "genius" puts the active in the chair and puts a chip in the chair. The chip contains exact personalities of what is needed, in this case an expert on negotiation. When the "treatment" is over the active becomes the person whose identity was in the chip and the active actually think they are that person. Anyway, the show has just started and is aired on Fox for people living in LA and for the rest you can watch it on The other show is really cool and addicting, A. introduced it to me, Lie to me...It is about these experts that work with various justice firms such as FBI and so on, and their job is about reading people and their behaviour. By reading people they can tell who is a potential threat, killer, lover and so on. The title of the show indicates how they know when people lie to them by just listening to the voice (you cannot lie on the phone haha), reading the face and body...It is really interesting because it is also very educational. I have started looking for small signs and it actually works so I would recommend you to watch it on or Fox.. But if you cannot handle it, by that I mean in the end learning to read people that you basically will know everything then watching it would be a bad idea because they teach the viewer very well.....Now, as my hands are defrosting and I will warm up some cinnamon buns, I will watch another episode and talk to S. I will try to read her as she answers some questions I have in mind, hopefully I will be able to read her every move hahaha When I am done you will never lie to me because it is useless hahahahhaah...until later lovelies
(If you wanna see the woman on the right side just click on the picture and you can see who it is..she is famous but I forgot her name..sorry)

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