Saturday, March 7, 2009

How exciting!!

So excited!! I feel on top of the world!! When my sister was younger I used to either sing or read when putting her to bed. There were times she did not want to hear any of the old books read to her again and she made me turn on my creativity and make up stories. One night I made one up and she fell in love so it became a constant request. I had to tell her not to request it too often as it would grow old and I needed time to make new ones up. I have wanted to write books of my own, one about my life (writing the blog is almost like writing my book but as my teacher would say "it is just a shitty first draft"), and I also wanted to write children's books. One day me and A were tossing ideas on what we can do (both are without jobs and in great need of money) so we said let us start writing children's books. We will start from there and continue with "bigger" books (lack of better words). The first story is done, there are some changes that need to be done but nothing big. We are now looking for images as well to go with our ideas for these books. They will not only be books but we have other things planned, which I of course cannot disclose here, you will have to wait until they are published. Yes, you read it right, they! We will not stop at one book but there will be more. If anyone knows anything about publishing let me know...I am just so excited because I have something to do now and I love it. I usually hate writing (in comparison to speaking hahah) but once the fingers hit the keyboard it is flowing. I cannot write anything at the moment as Nala is pushing her face on my lips for kisses and blocking my capability to write. Until next time sweet future readers...


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